Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day!

It's Australia Day today and it has been wonderful! You have to have a BBQ and maybe a beach trip if you are able.

We went down to the Gold Coast with a few friends for a BBQ lunch. It was packed with people but it was such a great atmosphere. There were Australian flags, people with green and gold wigs (Aussie colours), Australian flag temporary tattoos (girls wearing Aussie flag bikinis - one year I will get one).

I didn't get to take too many photos as I was having a good time relaxing under the shade and chatting away. The weather was amazing! The day was just perfect. Beautiful blue skies and warm temperature. It's what I expect Queensland to look and feel like. The water at the beach felt so refreshing too, though I'm a touch red in the face from too much sun.

This is just a random shot of people around us with their shade set up. In the background some kids set up a slip and slide and there's a giant green and gold beach ball (which I really wanted). 

You need to have a BBQ on Aussie Day!

Our pretty towels lined up. We didn't bother lining up the guys' towels, they were in the water by then. 

Me, Claire and Laura. This was at the end of the day.

I hope all my fellow Aussies out there had a fantastic day!!

P.S. Thanks again for your comments about our one year wedding anniversary!


Alyssa said...

Happy Australia Day!!

So glad QLD had a perfect day after all the bad that has gone down!!

Lisa said...

Happy Australia Day

I so want to visit Australia.

Karina Pacheco said...

Happy Australia Day sweetie ;) What a wonderful day full of sun,ocean,friends,yummy food, and relaxation ;)

I want to go to Australia someday ;)

Lots of amor sweetie xoxo

Micaela said...

happy aussie day! aw i want to be an aussie and have celebrated with you guys! :) looks like quite the celebration indeed!!!

has it already been one year? wow! cheers to love and finding your soul mate. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day! Wish I was there to celebrate!!

Sirpa said...

Happy Australia Day!!
By the way, did you receive the email I tried to send to you about a week ago?

Claire said...

wow, looks great! It's got colder here again today!

Miles Of Style said...

Happy Australia Day to you sweetie...that bbq looks delish and it looks like you had a lovely day with your gal pals!! :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Wasn't the weather amazing? It was my youngest sister's birthday, so we went to the Lennon Brother's circus out at North Lakes!

x Jasmine

Emily's Moose - Karolina Kubikowska said...

It looks like you really had a great time! :)


Cassie said...

Happy belated Australia Day!

We were busy watching the cricket and the fireworks afterwards were incredible.

Makes me long for warmer weather maybe.


k said...

how fun, i want to be australian. or visit australia :)