Sunday, 13 January 2008

I'm leaving tonight...

I'm off to the Philippines! I think I said my other post would be my last before I leave but I had time to fit another one in. I'm coming back on the 7th of February.

Here's a pic of my packing. I'm basically done so just doing a few different things here and there.

Oh and it's my birthday on the 1st of February so I'll be in the Phils for it. Anyway, I thought I would make a little photo shop thing to show my ultimate wish.

And that is to receive a vintage suitcase (or at least vintage look suitcase)filled with paper, stationary and desk supplies.

A. Glasses Suitcase set by Pink Loves Brown

B. Love Heart Paperclips from Kikki.K

C. Sticky Notes:3 Hearts from Kikki.K

D. Jill Bliss Flower Mini journal set from Fred Flare

E. Giant Pencils from Kikki.K

F. Butterfly Notecards by

G. Pen Pocket Set from Smiggle

H. Piece of Cake Notecards by

I. Kikki.K gel pen from Kikki.K

I would have a made a few more like a vintage suitcase filled with books or ballet flat shoes or pretty home wares or jewellery or Etsy and other handmade goods. I have a bit of an obsession with getting a vintage suitcase. I want to fill it up with letters, journals and stationary.

Anyway, I must be off. I might be able to write some entries but not sure. So if not I will say goodbye and looking forward to reading and seeing the blogs when I can =)



Artifax said...

Have a wonderful trip! Will miss you while you are gone, but I hope you have a great visit and a fabulous birthday and that your wish for a vintage suitcase filled with goodies comes true!!

Take care and safe journey!!

suzie wuzie said...

enjoy your trip and have a wonderful holiday! i saw in your packing photo that you have that hot pink nivea/industrie bag. i took mines on holiday with me too! it's lovely and big and hold everything.

oh i love those smiggle mini pens too! i hope i get them for my bday (in feb)

Mrs. J said...

Enjoy your trip! Are you staying in Manila? Don't forget to drop by the huge Mall of Asia :)

Anastasia said...

lucky you!!! have a wonderful time...explore and have fun!!

Mummerina said...

I hate packing =)

Have a fabulous time!!!

Gina said...

What a wonderful wishlist. I hope have a happy birthday and have a fun and safe journey.