Thursday, 12 June 2008

Big work week finished

I have finished that huge work week. 8 days in a row. Ugh! I only had one day off and then had to work yesterday and meant to work tonight but I'm not feeling too well. I think it's from over tiredness.

Anyway, I have tried to create and catch up on letters and other things. I tried to create a letter set as I love to write letters and always wanted to try and make my own stationary.

It's really quite basic. I bought some great brown kraft paper and some parchment paper bought a damask stamp and just tried to figure out where to stamp the image. I have ideas on personalising it and making full sets with stickers. It's something I'm thinking of adding to my future Etsy shop. What do you think? As this is just a trial run so my stamping skills are the best right now. (To see images better click on the picture).

And since I was playing around with photo shop I thought I would make an 'aged' photo with a letter writing quote which I thought was appropriate. Yes my photo shop skills aren't great either as I know it doesn't really looked that 'old.'

This is a little thing I made in photo shop when I was going through a 'I want to design' day. I've loved this Audrey Hepburn quote for ages now and I like to use it all the time.

I watched this movie twice!! It had only come out in Australia on June 6 but I had to work from 10-9:15 pm so I watched it the next night. I loved it! I've been a Narnia fan for years! I have a goal to purchase all the books in different languages and to try and get different sets of it.

Here are just some of the versions I would like to own. Books and the stories on cd, original illustration covers by Pauline Baynes, and a leather-bound version as well. There are heaps of bits and pieces I would love to get.

I also bought this book last week at work. It's a Narnia pop-up book. The pop-ups are amazing!! I think it's worth it if your a fan.
Here is a sample of one of the pages. I took this image from Amazon. It's beautiful!

There are a few other things inspiring my right now but I will leave it for the next post. Narnia inspires me to think of beautiful leather bound books, journals, ink and quills, letter writing and the more. Not sure why maybe because of the feel of the movies and books.

Until next time take care xox


Natasha Burns said...

Love the stationery Gracie, the damask stamp is beautiful!!!

OlynXes said...

Hey chicky... yay you made it through your week of 'doom' hahah... you MUST be exhausted... see I told you after the 8th day you start to feel sick haha... take care of urself ok? Your stationery looks like it's gonna come along nicely - keep it up! *hugz* mwa

My Charlie Girl said...

your stationary looks really pretty. i love the colours, very harmonious !! and thanks for the suggestion, i think i might look into that, they could look pretty good !!!


PS. dont work too hard!!!

Anastasia said...

they look great the kraft paper...looking forward to your shop too!