Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Journals and writing

I mentioned in my previous post that I would show a few of the items that are inspiring me. That is journals (especially leather bound with personalised embossing) and the content that goes into them.

So I had a search through flickr and found some pictures that I liked. It's a mixture of journal collections and pages from various different type of journal.

It made me want to get out to some nice little cafe armed with a journal, an assortment of different material such as pens, paper, stickers, glue, etc and just sit and reflect. Or this could be in a park, a field or even in my backyard with my own self made paradise (which I have some lovely pictures from a magazine I need to share).

1. Journals and notebooks, 2. Journals, Moleskines, Notebooks, 3. Pile of Journals, 4. My Journals, 5. Journal page 7/21, 6. Traveling Journal Kit - contents, 7. La Dame Art Journal......, 8. Art Journal - Challenge, 9. Travel Journal, 10. Traveling Journal 3rd page, 11. Art Journal, 12. 1 Jan. 2008, 1st journal page, 13. Journals and daily planners: 1991 through 2006, 14. Embellished Journal from Laura!, 15. journal shelf #1, 16. journal shelf #2

I made another little thing in photo shop.

All these items come from Jenni Bick. This site will personalise most of their journals with embossing. These are just a few of my picks. And I added the writing implements because I would love to have a little set like them.

A. Roma Lussa leather journal
B. Italian songbird soft leather journal

C. Feather Quill pen set with inkwell and pen rest

D. Glass dip pen set black

E. Vintage crackle leather journal

Anyway, I'm anticipating the opening of my Etsy. I hope it will be open by next month. I have a few ideas but I haven't really been making anything. I was thinking of having a little grand opening giveaway though =) More about that later.

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Artifax said...

What a lovely montages of journals and journal related things!

Oh yeah, your Etsy is almost open!! Can't wait! :)

I love the that damask stamp stationary you are making! That is so elegant and sophisticated while still being simple - love it!

And you've seen Prince Caspian twice! From the previews it looks really good.

I finally started The Host....hmmm....not the same as her other books....hopefully it gets better soon.