Friday, 3 December 2010

Just a Minute in...December

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Just a Minute in...Decemberr

Reading... The Book Thief, Christmas editions of my fave mags

Watching... Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, assorted Christmas movies (Love Actually definitely yeee!)...probably Lord of the Rings (I always watch it this time of the year while wrapping presents)

Going... To the Lord Mayors Christmas Carols with my bro Alvin and his wife Melly and Jason. I haven't been to one of these carols before so it should be fun. 

Trying... To finish buying presents. I have about half of them bought (online just waiting to arrive) and I have a fair idea of what I'm giving most people.

Waiting... For the sun to come out again so we can go on our long awaited beach trip (I guess we have the whole summer anyway).

Feeling... Excited and light hearted and completely inspired!

Wanting... To wrap presents with brown paper, twine and other pretty ribbon. I would like to add butterflies and baubles. Or use Christmas stamps to decorate the paper.

Wishing... Everyone would have a fabulous Christmas!

I am looking forward to receiving this little fella...

I think he is the sweetest little thing. I have a place for him on the buffet. 

I wouldn't mind this little stamp set to decorate some of my brown paper. 

What type of Christmas packaging will you be doing this year?? 

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to see my nephews and their baby sister get photos with Santa today! Oh it will be fun!


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy Holidays, Gracie!
I always enjoy your "Just a minute in..." posts.

I'm doing white paper with red & white twine this year. So pretty!

Liesl said...

Fun post, Gracie! Happy Holidays!

Liesl :)

Jen said...

Finish buying presents?? Boy, you're on top of it!! I better get going ;-)

Alyssa said...

I cannot wait to see how you wrap all your presents up!

I love wrapping presents, i think its my favourite part about christmas, i always go crazy with the curled ribbon :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh, I love that deer picture. I would love to see a deer in real life one day!

Lord Mayor Christmas Carols - jealous! That will be SUCH a fun night!

Hmm ... I think I will be using white paper and red ribbon this year to go with our red, white and silver Christmas tree. Although, I do have a lot of almost finished rolls of miscellaneous paper, so maybe I should finish those off?

x Jasmine

Nicki said...

Hehe, Your "waiting..." is too cute. I'm not sure what I'm going to do my gift wrapping with this year. Frankly, I'm not even sure what to do for half my gifts! I was actually thinking of baking up a storm and arranging a little bakery box for my friends!

Lisa said...

awww cute pictures


Anastasia said...

lovely post Gracie!!
im thinking of brown kitchen paper too - with twine, ribbons and paper doilies!!!

Pearl Maple said...

I am a bit of a brown paper girl but always cheerful with big fat red ribbons.

thegirlhassparke said...

I am a bit boring with my wrapping and just going for chrissie paper with red ribbon! I am so nervous about my internet orders arriving before christmas - It will be awful not to have someones present here.