Monday, 2 May 2011

Mail mail mail

Hey sweet people. I have some mail to share, but I'm going to be dividing them into a few posts to focus on certain things. I'm doing pretty well with my mail lately, which makes me happy. 


A few extra lovely bits from Jasmine

Little bits for journalling and a letter from a penpal Jane. 

A sweet hand painted post card from lovely April.

Two lovely letters from sweet Erin

A Swap-bot swap. It was a Scavenger Hunt postcard swap. 

Another Swap-bot swap called My Life in Lists. 

A beautiful Paris postcard from Jasmine

A beautiful letter from Micaela. It's a shame it got a little wet in the rain (Definitely raining when I got the mail that day)

And the gorgeous postcard from Micaela that I will be framing. 

A cute handmade Easter card from Jacqueline

Another Easter greeting and adorable bookmark from a pen pal Rachel. 

A few incoming Postcrossing postcards. 

More Incoming Postcrossing. 


This was a birthday gift for Erin. A ceramic tag from Paper Boat Press and a Mr Darcy Proposal tea towel from Brookish etsy shop. 

The Hunger Games book for Claire

I do like writing a little dedication when I give books. 

The postcards I sent for the Swap-bot scavenger hunt postcard swap. 

What I sent for the My life in Lists Swap-bot swap. 

A few outgoing Postcrossing postcards.

Outgoing Postcards that I won't mention who for :) 

Another outgoing postcard for someone I won't mention :) 

I've been sending heaps of postcards lately because it's cheap but still a nice little surprise. I will post about the Quote postcard swap soon. I hope everyone has gotten their postcards. And I promise I will work more on the Snail mail group. 

Have a beautiful week.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been very busy with mail! All those postcards are so cute!

It's always nice to get mail!

Karina Pacheco said...

So much pretty and happy mail love :)

P.S. I can not wait till the day you get to come to NYC and we will get to hang out together :) Love you xoxo

k said...

mail is the best!! i like ordering things from etsy too because people usually send the coolest packaging, haha!

heather said...

i love that postcard from micaela too! i totally understand why you'd hang it. so fun to read about your treasure trove! you get what you put out in the world. :)

Tina said...

the last few postcards are cute :)
just checked out brookish.. i love etsy!

Katyha said...

Those are the cutest postcards...I still haven't sent my postcard but I ordered it from etsy and it has only just arrived. You are the sweetest sending postcards as surprises!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, you're a regular little snail mailer! That's awesome though; real mail is way more fun than electronic mail. Hate that writing letters is slowly becoming a lost art.

Claire said...

and i loved that you wrote a little dedication :) x

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Wow!! That is a LOT of mail, you must be super happy to get all those lovely things in the mail!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

So much mail! I received your post card today - thank you so much! I love it :) I've never read Anne Frank, but now I really want too :)

x Jasmine

~April~ said...

Oh, I love those swap-bot ideas!! Especially the scavenger hunt. So fun! :) And thank you for the cute postcard!!

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