Monday, 21 November 2011

Outfits :)

Hello lovely people. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine consisted of a costume party on Saturday night, Church Sunday morning, Breaking Dawn Sunday afternoon and dinner at my brother Rolf and sister in law Gem's house Sunday night. 

Dress - Tokito
Necklace - Lovisa
Shoes - Witchery

This is a new dress of mine and I adore it. I wore it a few Sundays ago. But I might try wearing it to work on our casual Fridays. 

Skirt - Ohsweetjoy
Shoes - Windsor Smith

The outfit I wore on Sunday. I know that top is a little bit see through. I had a white singlet on underneath in the morning but it was so hot I had to take it off later (the sun is burning already). 

On some other news, I have one last shift at Myer (yes I have still been employed there for the past four months) tomorrow night for VIP night. I'm sad to lose my discount card though :(

Also I have been temporarily promoted until the end of January next year. I will be a compliance officer at my work place :) So it's a good opportunity. 

Have a beautiful week.


thegirlhassparke said...

Congrats on the promotion Gracie! You should go on a little shopping spree tomorrow, get the last use of your card hehe. I love your top knot, so cute!

Karli said...

I am now addicted to The Hunger Games. Devoured book one and now am half way through 2! Just loving them - all thanks to you!

Crazy for fashion said...

Very nice outfits. I love the second one! Sounds like you had a great weekend! <3<3

Unknown said...

I love your happy smile on all of your outfit posts!

Claire Kiefer said...

Yay for a promotion! What's a compliance officer? I want to hear about it! And you look beautiful in your outfits--I want your body!! :)

Lisa said...

Love both outfits they are very pretty x

Stories and Sequins said...

You look lovely! And congratulations on your promotion:D

Following you now on Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

Stories and Sequins

OneCraftyFox said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love both of these looks on you, you are SO GORGEOUS!! The hair up is fabulous, clean and chic. And I remember that butterfly belt from another post a while back :) Adore it!

Micaela said...

congrats on your promotion!!! :) and i hope you had a great last night at Myer.

I love your fashion style so much! and your outfit posts are one of my faves.

beautiful week to you too, beautiful!

ps. it's crazy to think that even around this time of year it's hot in Australia!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love the outfits! And you should definitely wear that top dress to work - love it!

Have fun at MYER tonight!

x Jasmine

AestheticJungle said...

gorgeous outfit!
now a follower of your lovely blog :)

follow back?

Anonymous said...

hey Gracie :) i just started a blog :) check it out sometime yeah? :) love your dresses btw. you look so pretty :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are soo cute!! and i am soo jealous that it's summer for you!!!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Sounds like a good weekend and cute outfits! There's no point to wear cute outfits here at the moment, no one can see the outfit under the 1000 layers of other clothes over it :)

Hope you're having a great week! //Niina

Marina said...

I just so love your belt on the first picture! Girl, you're so cute :)

E said...

cute outfits! like the first belt


Sierra said...

Aww you look so cute! Love your style girl!