Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rained out getaway

Hello my lovely people. Thank you so much for all the comments front the previous post. Our little holiday was rained out but since our hotel was awesome, it still turned out to be great. We spent most of the time, watching movies and TV shows (we watched season 2 of The Walking Dead - romantic) and reading. 

We did manage to go outside into the outdoor spa (and the sauna, which I'm not a fan of) and we went for a drive to visit a shop I wanted to see but there was a chance we might have been caught in some flood waters. So it was probably good that the store was closed. 

The bedroom. It is such a gorgeous hotel. 

The bathroom. You can see into the bedroom but there was a shade you can pull down. 

The lounge, dining and kitchen. We said we could imagine living here. The hotel is only a year old so everything is still so clean and fresh.

So this was our view for most of the trip. Very gloomy. We didn't end up going to the beach which is a shame. Although Australia Day (26th Jan) was probably the best day weather wise. 

We took a quick photo on the balcony when we realised we hadn't taken any photos of us the whole time. 

Australia Day. We went to Shingle Inn for breakfast. It was the first day that it was quite dry even though it was still overcast. 

This was the store I wanted to visit. 

The display window. I figured I may as well take photos even though it was closed. Like I mentioned this area was starting to flood so it was probably a good thing that the store wasn't open. By the time we went back to our car. It was pouring down and most of the road was a giant puddle. 

It still turned out to be a fun getaway. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. On our actual Anniversary we didn't do much. We ordered in (soo much more expensive that eating out) and watched a movie. 

It's still raining and I've had enough of it. This time last year we were just recovering from a flood and now it's gloomy again. I miss the sunshine. It helps lift my mood. 

Anyway, hope you are having a good weekend.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Im so sick of the rain as well. Your accomodation looks lovely it's a shame about the weather but at least you had brilliant company.

I'm Sydney. said...

Goodness, where is sunny Australia?! We're going to pray down sunshine!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend :) The hotel looked lovely!

Karina Pacheco said...

That;s the best kind of dates! Order in and a movie :)

Oh! I'm sorry about the rain and that it ruined a little bit of your vacation, but as long as you both were together I'm sure everything was perfect! What a shame about the store, it looks like something I would definitely run into!

Happy Weekend love!


Katyha said...

it has been raining non-stop in Sydney too and although it was gloomy weather the most important thing was spending this time together...wonderful memories to cherish forever!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Yes you really need a change of scenery sometimes, even if it's a raining :) I'm great you had a nice time anyways! I just bought the first season of the Walking Dead!

Hope you're having a nice weekend!:D

~April~ said...

That hotel looks amazing! Sorry it rained on you the whole time... hope you still had a great time! :)

Lisa said...

wow gorgeous hotel and lovely photos xx

Unknown said...

what a shame it rained hon, but like you said a change scenario helps a lot!

Claire said...

shame that shop was closed it looks like a good one! The weather can be such a pain sometimes, but the hotel looks lovely :)

thegirlhassparke said...

I am glad that you were able to make the most of the time you had away. The hotel does look beautiful! It has been a pretty gloomy summer down here and all I want is sunshine :-(

Mummerina said...

Nice hotel!!! I am glad you had a nice getaway.

sheba said...

looks so lovely! love the photos of you guys.

we celebrated australia day in my class with a feast of anzac cookies [i say "feast" b/c you can't just stop at one!], fruit bread, and those fuzzy koalas that you can clip onto your lapel/finger/notebook. it was grand!