Monday, 26 February 2007

First day back at uni

It was my first day back to uni after 3 months holiday. It feels so soon this time. Normally I don't mind going back but this time I wasn't really looking forward to it. I started Spanish though. It's quite good. I would love to be fluent one day.

Also I have been on an Alias marathon. I have watched the whole first season and getting season 2 tomorrow. I can't help it. It's so addictive. I love that show its one of my favourites. Too bad it's finished now. I have yet to see season 5.
This is Thara and me in the Valley. We had some lunch, Yum Cha to be exact with some friends and we are just hanging out here after. This was on Sunday. I'm not the biggest fan of Yum Cha. But it was still good.
And this is something I made. Well I just cut the silhouette out and put the paper background in the frame. I actually got the idea of the silhouette in a frame from a book Laura got for my birthday and the patterned paper idea I got from Christina Re stationary booklet. And this is just a bit of a close up. The photos are the tiniest bit blurred as it's hard to take photos of frames because of the reflection of the glass. This was the best I could do. Oh the picture is from Disney Cinderella. I love that movie. I'm using this frame to decorate my crafty room.

Oh and I'm so glad the green bridge is built to get to uni. No more paying for the ferry. I save $3.20 a day! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to uni ;)

I'm just on holidays now. But there's some exams to come in the next weeks so no real holidays.

How come you had to pay extra for the ferry? Don't you have integrated ticketing there? How long does it take you to get to uni anyway? You're at UQ St. Lucia Campus right?

Unknown said...

Senorita :)

Last year of uni woo how exciting. Yum Cha was... interesting, something I have definitely not had before but wasn't too bad.

Your shadow box thing looks cool, I like the blue color instead of the white you had before.

Well have fun being creative and talking Spanish :) Love you xoxo

Jade said...

I love the pictures! ♥