Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I've had a good day although Jason is at work now =( We went to Hogs Breath Cafe for lunch. It was awesome food! I have a few photos I want to share. So here they are--
This is us waiting for the cafe to open. So we just took some photos randomly. He is obviously bending down =)
This the front of the shirt that I stencilled for him. It's a transformer Autobot. I've made one like this before but there is a difference this time.

This is the difference. I stenciled a decepticon on the back of the shirt. Since my original plan didn't work out for me.
And this is the other thing I bought him. It's one of those Me to You bears. It's a photo clip. Behind those hearts there is a clip for photos. I think it's really cute.This is what he got for me. A single red rose which I love! And this beautiful vintage style box. It's so lovely. It came with things in it as well.
And it was funny coz he bought me a Me to You bear as well. How sweet is it??!!
And this is the rose, bear and inside of the box. It had pretty little cut out red paper hearts, cut out pink paper hearts that he wrote a message on, 2 large chocolate hearts and some Lindor chocolate balls. So cute!
This is pretty much everything. With the little message spelt out. It was so lovely and thoughtful. I kind of like the sweet and corny, cliche presents. It makes it all fun.

We had a great day and I love what I got! And here is a goodbye pic from inside of Hogs Breath.

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Unknown said...

Happy Valentines day baby girl. I'm glad you liked what I made for you, I really liked what I got from you. The photo holder is cute, it's looking at me on my from my desk right now.

Lunch was good and you looked great as always. Glad you had fun and everything and I will see you tomorrow! Love you heaps xoxo