Friday, 9 November 2007


It's been another hectic week. I've had exams, work, trying to see people so I can graduate! Eepp! Plus I was trying to finish off that Swap-bot swap. I've neglected penpals as I almost can't be bothered to write. Work was busy as it would be my first day was a catalogue toy sale!! Which means many customers wanting things from the catalogue and I had no idea, so I had to wing it a lot of the time. Plus being thrown into registers was pretty full on.

Anyway, one week of uni left!! One exam and a few other bits(and hopefully graduation but it all depends - long story sigh).

Thought I would show a few photos of me and my nephews. They're not great photos and I look like a dag =p

Caeleb and I were mucking around for the camera. It's so much fun being with my nephews.

Us in the yard. Just playing around. Eee! I love them so much! I guess all you mothers know what it's like to have kids. Gosh I love my little nephews!

I just had to share this one. I adore this picture.

Well, like I mentioned before I was trying to finish off my swap-bot Swap-bot book of letters swap. I sent it yesterday and this is the finished product.

This is the front and back covers. I thought I would show the pictures this way or then there would be way too many!

These are the first 4 pages. I put my little movie quotes on the other pages. They are from some of my partners favourite movies.

More of the pages. Too bigger pictures just click on the photo =)

I made the book and most of the envelopes its simple but I thought it was best to keep it that way. It was fun to do but it was probably bad timing as I had so much work to do.

Well I think that's it for now. Oh and I'm going to start making some things for my little giveaway thing =)



My Charlie Girl said...

good luck with graduation!

Artifax said...

This time of year is always so super busy, isn't it? Those pics of your nephews are sooo cute! And your book of letters swaps look great! Your swap partners are just going to love them!