Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I'm (basically) done

Yay! I had my last exam yesterday and I'm pretty much free! I have a little bit of my independent study to do but besides that I'm finished! And my graduation is finally figured out, so I will be hopefully graduation next month. Yew! Pretty exciting times for me. Though I have gotten a bit sick. Mainly tiredness and a bit of a sore throat.

Well I have a few things to share. It was one my best friend's Laura's 21st birthday party on the weekend. It was a white themed birthday. Everything looked gorgeous with tulle wrapped with white fairy lights, candles which created a warm ambiance, delicious food, a lot made by lovely Natalia. It was a fun night. So here are a few pictures of the night and pics of the presents I got Laura. Actually Me, Natalia and Kristina did get Laura a combined gift. We got her an Australian Vogue subscription which she absolutely loves!

This is a gorgeous print I purchased from lovely Bec of My Charlie Girl. Her name is Coco. It's just in a frame I bought. I love the prints they are so beautiful. Go check out her work. Plus Laura loved it as she's an artist herself and Coco is appropriate for her as she loves Coco Chanel.

I love the Christina Re paper. These are just some little notecards I made her that I thought would be her style.

Just another angle. I kind of liked it =)It never seems to be sunny when I take photos. How weird?!

These are tiny notecards I made her. Each card has a different word I thought was appropriate. I would like to make more of these.

All the handmade items together. I covered a sketchbook with that pretty paper so she can take it on her birthday cruise. I thought she might be able to use it to sketch and note down ideas while on the ship. But it's small a good size, not bulky.

All the items together. I bought that Princess print for myself as well.

And the girls. Me, Laura, Natalia and Kristina. White was such a great theme. So beautiful and pure.

A photo of Laura and me. I look a bit funny here but she's looking gorgeous as usual =)

Just Jase and me out the front of the house. Too bad you can't see the lovely tulle and fairy lights properly.

Ok I'm posing a bit in this pic. I haven't got my heels on anymore so I look so small. The dress is actually nicer in person. It's soft and feels great on.

One last thing is I want to write about this from Natasha. For more information check out her blog. A virtual vintage prom sounds like so much fun. I've always wanted to participate in one of these. So please check it out.


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Gracie,
Wow don't you girls all look gorgeous in your white dresses, so sweet, I love that theme too. Bet it all looked great with the candles.
Thanks for posting on the prom, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mrs. J said...

wow pretty ladies in their cute white dresses!

Artifax said...

Yeah! Your exams are done!

What a lovely theme for a party! Those fairy lights and tulle sound enchanting. And what great goodies you made her!

Isn't the virtual prom going to be so much fun! Can't wait!