Friday, 30 November 2007


Bead Letter W card disc with push out letter i N N E coloured card disc letter r S

Yay! Well I have picked the winners out of the bowl. I'll have pictures of my progress =)

All the names entered in the draw. I quite like this bowl. It's kind of vintage. I received it from my sister in laws mum and she has a lot of old nick nacks.

coloured card disc letter f i r S T P R Ii Z E/Jefferson Electric Company (As you can see I love this letter speller lol)

Picking the name out of the bowl....

So the winner is Shae of The Butterfly Collector. Congrats Shae! She has a blog full of wonderful eye candy. So many lovely illustrations and books whilst still being a mother.

S E C O N D plain card disc letter p R I Vintage LEGO Letter Z E

Picking out the name of the second prize.

It's Karina of the fashion blog Karina xoxo She always has some great finds and tips on fashion. She always posts some of the hottest items! I hope this makes you feel better Karina =)

And I'm in a real Christmasy mood so I thought I would pick a third name out of the bowl =p I haven't quite made anything for it yet but I will.

So picking a another name out of the bowl for the runner up.

The runner up is Anastasia of Anastasia drawing and dreaming I first discovered her blog through Natashas Virtual Vintage Prom. And I adore her blog already. She is a talented illustrator and I look forward to reading her blog more often.

So I will contact all the winners by email to get their shipping addresses. And I want to thank everyone who left a comment on the blog and I truly wish I could give all of you something. I came up with another idea of making up little sample packs and the rest of those who entered will have another chance of winning them! I still have to make them up but the other 16 lovely people will have another chance =) I will blog about that soon.

Thank you again to all of you lovely people! I truly appreciate it soo much. Watch out for the next blog with winners to my sample packs =)

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Anastasia said...

Ohhhh very exciting!!!
thanks so much!! i love paper goods!
here is my email

Mummerina said...

Thank you sooooo much!!!
I accidently deleted your email -oops!
COuld you please send it again!!!

Artifax said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners!!

Valley Girl said...

Cool siggy! I'm gonna check that Web site out!

greenbean art said...

oh so wonderful!!!! i know anastasia and she is a sweetie! and u are too kind for making sample packs!! big hugs to you!!! i love the way you announced the winners :)