Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Runner up

Well as I mentioned in my last post I had a third place/runner up set. Which went to Anastasia. I have finally finished making them. So here is a preview.

I changed my envelope template. I think I prefer this style to the old one I was using. And I have also started making little stickers to seal the envelopes using my handy little sticker maker =)So watch out Anastasia for your package soon!

Oh and this is how I packaged up the note cards which I sent off to Shae. I hope it arrives soon.

And for my little sample packs, which will basically be the same as the one above, will be going to Heather from Jeweled Elegance and to Ellia from Green Bean Baby. I'm in the process of making those now =)

Also had my church young adults formal on the weekend but can't be bothered to upload photos from it right now lol. But I will leave you with this photo.

This Christmas tree in the city. Jason and I went shopping Friday night. The picture doesn't give the tree justice. Which looks gorgeous! Totally unrelated but my hair has grown a lot since I got it cut.

Ohh and one last thing. Most likely only of interest to me, but the new trailer for Prince Caspian has just come out!! Yeeee! I'm an absolute Narnia fanatic and it was so exciting to watch it. Especially because it only came out today. Eee! Can't wait for the movie next year!


Anastasia said...

wow! gorgeous - cant wait!!
thank you!!!
hey i love your packaging too - so lovely!

Artifax said...

How very exciting!!!! Can hardly wait!!

I agree, the packaging you did is beautiful!

Natasha Burns said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! Love the packaging!