Friday, 10 October 2008

11 Things and shop announcement

Me and my older brothers in the Philippines on holiday. I was nearly 1.

I've been tagged by Anastasia to list 11 favourites. Here are my answers....
1. Clothes shop: I love to shop. Though I would have to say Myer, not because I'm biased since I work there but I do a lot of my shopping there. Though I guess it's more department maybe Bardot, Sportsgirl, and Valleygirl

2. Furniture Shop: I don't really buy too much furniture but if I ever do it's Ikea

3. Sweet: Cadbury crunchie and M&M's....

4. City: Melbourne (Aus), Brisbane (Aus - I have to say it), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila (Just because of my filipino heritage). Unfortunately I'm not well travelled yet.

5. Drink: Lipton Peach Ice tea and Lemon Lime Bitters (I'm the same as you Anastasia lol)

6. Music: I have various favourites. Some of my fave songs lately is the Jason Mraz song 'I'm yours', Pete Murray ' Saving Grace', Regina Spektor ' The Call', Switchfoot ' This is home', The Telstra Next G song ' Sunkissed' (It's from an ad here) Listen to it here. It's so catchy!

7. TV Series: Alias, Friends and Heroes (Yay to buying season 1 & 2)

8. Film: I have a lot of faves...Narnia (both released so far), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Ever After and Blood Diamond

9. Workout: If I ever do, it's running, stretching, Pilates and dancing

10. Pastries: Apple turnover (the same again Anastasia) 

11. Coffee: Caramelatte (Gloria Jeans or my oldest brother's - with his business)

Oh and here is my announcement......

I've been hoping to do this for so long so I'm glad that I made the decision. I've been busy figuring out prices, packaging, descriptions and I just know I have to do it. I'm kind of nervous actually but oh well I think it's time to just do it.

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments and encouragement I truly appreciate it.

Oh and I'm tagging


Miss Laura said...

Yay for your shop opening! SERIOUS YAY!

And I loved all your answers, and how cute is that pic! SO!

Ps you should check out the store 'Forever New', theres one at PacFair, also one at Chermside, and one just opened in the Myer Centre!

Anastasia said...

great list and i love that childhood photo - adorable!! looking forward to your Etsy shop...i hope to open mine soon too so hey we're doing it at the same time afterall!

Artifax said...

Oh how exciting!! The Grand Opening Day for your shop is almost here! Yeah!!!

Great fun reading your answers to the tag! I love Ever After, it's such a great happy fairy-tale :) I'll try to do this tag soon, but I am pretty overwhelmed at the present moment. Me and my whole family have been ill :( I'm a bit behind on, well ... everything!

Can't wait until your shop opens!!

And that is such a darling photo of little you with your older brothers!

Anonymous said...

ohhh now see i love me some heroes too!!! just finished up season 2 and wish it had more info in it... thanks for tagging me too!!

also, THE BESTEST WISHES TO YOU IN THE SHOP!!! don't be nervous at all! you have the most elegant goodness ;) and we are rootin' for ya!

xoxox, ellia

Labour of Love said...

oh, sweet gracie!!!!!!! congratulations on your gorgeous shoppe!!! love everything you create...i'll have to stop by and start shopping for Christmas...also you're the sweetest for tagging me...thank you so very much! this is my very 1st tag...sorry it's taking me some time to reply-the lil' ones +wips are filling my days...hopefully i'll have my answers posted soon...i'm soooo glad i found you several months ago or was it a year ago...whichever, i'm so glad you visit me and soon we will be able to write to each other...because you've got one heart of gold! xoxo jo;)