Thursday, 2 October 2008

What's inspiring me lately

Right now I'm trying to recover from being sick. I was sick for a few days so took off work. I went to work for two more days but then took today off as yesterday I felt terrible. And it was a shocker day too. 9am to 9pm. Ugh!

Anyway, I was inspired by Ellia's post. I thought I would do a similar one by listing some of the things that are inspiring me lately. They're girly things actually and such simple things.

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Stationery is always on my 'inspiring me' list. This is just a sample of stationery that I have recently bought. I found this site by chance and glad I did because I adore this stationery I bought.

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I love this new range from Grant Archival. The company has come together with Cristina Re to create journals, scrapbooking paper, clear stamps and other paper craft bits. I love Cristina Re paper. I bought the butterfly journal in the upper right hand corner, though it's not a blank book (which I usually prefer) I don't mind because I love it. Oh and I bought some clear stamps too. 

Here's my photo of the journal and the clear stamps I bought. Oh how I adore this new range =)

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I love these Momiji dolls. I see them at Borders all the time and I would love to get one. Or a few. You can put little messages in them. They're so cute and I would love to be an owner of some =)
I first saw these books in Borders. I like to browse around in the kid's book section. These books are by Anna Pignataro. They're one of those look and find books. In the first page of the Princess and fairy it has a tiny envelope with tiny letter from the queen. It's such a cute book. And I'm hoping to get them. Though it will be a mini version I think.

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Eee! Minitures. I would love to get myself some sweet minitures like this. I would even like to make a little house just to deck it out with these cute things. Ohh my how adorable are these??

And this is my latest creation. Teeny tiny notes as part of my note cards. That tiny envelope will be glued onto the front of my mini note cards.

On the back of the tiny notes I'm going to hand print some type of word. Most likely more inspiring ones. This is my new idea =)


PAC said...

I love your post! Its a great read! I get inspired by so many things too! Great idea for a post!!

Mummerina said...

I will be up in Brisbane at the end of Oct and will be there for who knows how long!
We should catch up for coffee or something one day!

Artifax said...

So sorry you've been sick and that you had to miss so much work. It's nice you could get some time off to recover though.

What a wonderful read your post is! So filled with pretty things! I love the Momiji dolls. They don't have anything like that at our Borders here, or I would get one! :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

wow, that stationary is SO YOU!!!!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! all the stationary and stamps are very gracie-esque!! elegant is still the word for you!!

and those lil momjie dolls are super cute!! but i have to say your mini notes tops them all!!! funny cuz i was gonna make some too but i dont think mine will be elegant like yours [which i have often strived for the elegance aspect]... beautiful, gracie!! thanks for the post!

Gina said...

Sorry you wern't feeling well, I hope you are tip top as soon as possible. I love your inspirations and your sweet little cards.

Anastasia said...

such lovely paper goodies...your cards look gorgeous too - love purples!
i tagged you over at my blog...Hugs