Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hello! Thank you for all your comments on my wedding photos. It feels like it was awhile ago now. Today I thought I would share some honeymoon photos. We went to Hamilton Island which is in the Whitsundays which is part of the Great Barrier Reef. So there are plenty of activities. Only problem is we went at a horrible time weather wise. We got one day of sunshine (on my birthday!) and maybe a half day of sunshine. The rest of the time it rained or was overcast. (like this whole week so far, but I'm really enjoying the rain).

But nonetheless we still have a lovely, relaxing time. The photos are sort of all over the place but pretty much shows a snippet of the week.

I think this was the first day we arrived. It was low tide and raining.

Breakfast was great. We always started with a bowl of fruit. Our breakfasts were long and relaxing.

Our first day on the beach.

We went into the main town. This is the boat harbour. We went into town via golf buggy. It's cute because everyone drives golf buggies around the island. There aren't really any cars.

Fish and chips are so good when you are near the water. Always so fresh.

We had a visitor, a cockatoo. A lot of the natural wildlife were just hanging around.

On the beach. This day had a little bit of sunshine. So we hung out on the sun lounges and read our books.

This is at a public pool on the island. Our resort had it's own but we decided to explore. This is the day I got sun burnt. I forgot to put sunscreen on my front half. So stupid! I hardly ever get burnt because I always lather sunscreen.

This is the public pool. Over in that hut, it's a bar. They have stools in the water and you can sit and have a cocktail in the pool.

I stayed away because some of the people there were a rowdy bunch.

We ordered these chips and aioli sauce from the restaurant in the resort all the time. We always got room service which I just love! It was pouring down this day so we had chips and ordered some movies.

We played some mini golf too.

And I beat Jason! Whee!

This happened after mini golf and it was hot and sticky. We went for a swim and had a cocktail by the pool. Within minutes it started pouring down with rain. You can't see the mountains that are normally there.

This is the resort pool. It's an infinity pool which is great!

We had a dinner and cruise as part of our honeymoon package. I didn't bring any hair things with me so my hair is so messy all the time or that's why it's always tied back.

The night of the dinner and cruise it poured down with rain. That night there was a king tide and the next day the water was up so high.

Just a shot of us on our balcony.

At low tide there was this little island that you could walk to. A lot of people did so we checked it out.

There were all these tiny crabs and other little sea things. I actually hated walking in this area because of fear of stepping on some little crab.

Jason took a few shots of me wondering around the water. This is one of my favourites.

This is the day of my birthday! Yay for sun.

Looks so much better with sunshine. View while eating breakfast. We always ate outside.

Jason got me this little cupcake to be my birthday cake at breakfast. It was so cute and sweet. He said I needed some kind of cake for my birthday.

We used one of those paddle boats too. And we went on a Reef Ryder boat and we went jet skiing for my birthday. Those photos are on our disposable waterproof camera we bought.

In the late afternoon we had this sunset ride that was also part of our package. You can see my horrible bikini tan. I chose the day to get burnt to wear the bikini with straps.

Jason helping out.

We thought we would experience a sunset but it got cloudy :(

It was such a beautiful day! It sucks that we never got to see a sunset on Hamilton. Everyone says it's amazing.

The day we left. Jason with his usual breakfast.

Photo from the plane. The water really is the most beautiful colour.

We really had a lovely time and would love to come back another time. And I want to get the photos from the waterproof camera so I can show jetskiing and the Reef Ryder boat. We did want to go snorkeling because we are on the Great Barrier Reef and it's what you do, but they said the water wasn't very clear and it would be a waste of money. We were going to also go on a boat with a glass bottom to check out the fish but again water was too murky for that.

Oh well next time we will. Have a wonderful rest of week. I'm off to the Sunshine Coast for 2 days. I have to get my dress fitted for my brother's wedding!


Simply Pretty said...

Looks Really Fun. I added you to my blogroll

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh, thanks for sharing those. It looks like you guys had a blast!! I want a second honeymoon!

Elaine said...

Hi Gracie ---

I happen to pass by your site and absolutely adore it, and YOU!

First off, of course is a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a beautiful bride in white and your mister is quite the handsome prince. All your photos are just beautiful and gotto say I loved your dress!

You'll be seeing a lot of me on your corner of the internet :) I hope you don't mind!


kimberlie said...

I'm glad you were able to make the best of the rain. Also, what are you wearing in the pics that has polka dots? Looks cute!

Honey Bee said...

This looks sooooo heavenly!
You guys make such a beautiful couple.. and I love the coral top. ;)

Caro said...

Look like you guys enjoyed every minute of it!

Sierra said...

Looks like you had an amazing honeymoon and all of your photos are amazing! What a fun cockatoo picture and all of your couple shots are darling! Everything is so blue, love it!

Kristen said...

This makes me want to go on vacation so badly!!

Your swimsuit is adorable... and I am so thrilled you beat Jason in mini golf!! Hooray!!

Glad you had such a beautiful honeymoon!!

Lisa said...

Lovely photos, it looks gorgeous there.

You and Jason look great in allt he photos and your hair never looks a mess.

I love the swimsuits you were wearing


Yelena said...

such beautiful photos! lovee all your little outfits! soo soo cute! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! That looks so pretty! :) I hope you had a great time!! And happy belated bday! :)

By the way......



Anastasia said...

great pics!! looks like a fun place to just hang out and relax...have a great time at Sunshine coast - we love Noosa!!

_ffyona said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Oh yes gracie, i adore the flats you wore during golfing! xo.

julialow said...

Sigh, what a dreamy honeymoon it must've been! All the photos look wonderful. <3 Thank you for sharing your days with us!

I don't like walking on beaches that are full of little crabs as well! I get so afraid and squealy.

Have a great rest of the week, darling Gracie! x

Cassie said...

Love all these pics - sounds like you had an absolutely fab time.

You both look so happy! And your food pics made me long for summer fish and chips on the coast.


Iva Messy said...

so sweet! thank you for sharing!!

Sara said...

Hello, great tan!!

the real mia said...

Oh this looks so beautiful. And you both look so happy despite the rain.

Andhari said...

I love water in that color, Gracie. Greenish blue, very beautiful. Your honeymoon sounds really lovely!

missy. said...

ahhh fantastic. LOVE the pictures.

Chanel said...

WOW what amazing honeymoon pics. I had no idea this island existed until now. Thanks for sharing.