Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Just a minute in...May

Just a Minute in....May

Reading... Eat, Pray Love (about to start and I keep hearing so much about it), Frankie Magazine, Real Living Magazine and Shop til you Drop Magazine, re-reading Harry Potter too

Learning... To crochet (using YouTube tutorials - so far I keep stuffing it up)

Feeling... Quite positive and creative. Lately I feel so light?! I'm overwhelmed with how inspired I can get and how happy I can feel. I love it and I hope it stays.

Doing... Some journal swaps on swap-bot. I'm in three! One is a fairytale journal and the other two are journals with a theme for each day. I love swapping journals with people because it's fascinating to see how they interpret the questions. If someone would like to do a journal swap with me let me know :)

Needing... To stop procrastinating and do all the little things

Wanting... To decorate the house and personalise our space. Lots of ideas but just have to start them

Hoping... I can achieve all the goals I've set myself for the year (or just the month)

Loving... God, My family, my friends, my blog friends, Jason (he made dinner last night because I wasn't feeling very good!! he's amazing!)

Thinking... About babies. And no I won't be having one anytime soon. Although I'm a lot more clucky than I thought but we couldn't have a baby yet. We still want to travel and have time for ourselves. But I still have fun looking at baby things and smiling at them at work. Plus it's too much work for the moment. The baby/toddler next door cries (more like screams) several times a day and there's no way that we could handle that.

On that topic, Jason and I are going down to Bathurst for his dad's 50th birthday next week. His step brother's girlfriend has just had a baby (eee!) so I've been wanting to get some items for the baby girl.

So far I have bought this little baby tights since it's coming up to winter here (and waaayy colder down south). I thought I might put together bits and pieces for the baby.

While being in a baby mood there are a few things on Etsy that I think are sweet. I might do a post with some of the baby things I would if I had one. But here a few things now.

Via MonarchDancer Etsy

A baby pixie would be sweet.

Via MonarchDancer Etsy

Who doesn't think that isn't adorable?!

Via MamaMonkey Etsy

For Jason.

Via Babywood Etsy

This is more for me.

This would be sweet.

Hehe and ruffled bloomers. Yes!

Via GraciousMay Etsy

Amy Butler fabric booties...eee!

I hope you don't think I'm weird for looking at baby things and planning for a baby that won't happen for awhile. And I would love little unique items like this.

Have a wonderful rest of week!


Alely said...

awwww....some day soon you will have your own little one. : )

thegirlhassparke said...

Haha I dont think your weird at all. Sometimes I look at wedding stuff and I am not even engaged.
Those two little babies are so adorable.
I need to stop procrastinating too, I have too many boring things to get done and cant find any motivation.
Oh your off to Bathurst, so jealous, I wish I could be there to visit my family. Maybe one day our trips there will coincide. Have a lovely day my dear x

Claire Kiefer said...

Haha, no judgment from me--I'm not even in a serious relationship and I think about babies all the time. :)

Staley Mc said...

Oh my goodness those little baby hats are so precious! I love looking at baby stuff and I am no where near having kids yet!

its simple love said...

I have wanted to read that book! Let me know how it is. I need to just get it. Everyone loves it. What an adorable little boy! Oh he makes me baby hungry.


p.s. I tagged you in my last post! Give it a look-see when you get the chance!

Kristie said...

i did posted in the last much love mondays :D
awww baby stuff are so cute <3
i want those too

Cassie said...

Would love to hear what you think of the book - you are right it is everywhere at the moment!

Anastasia said...

oh let me know what you think of 'Eat Pray Love' ive just bought a greek translated paperback for my mum cute! a new baby in the family - so cute!

Miles Of Style said...

just passing by your blog and i have to say that I love the things you post and write about.

pls come check out mine too when you have some time and maybe we can follow each other =)


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I'm intrigued, what does a journal swap entail? I've never done a swap before, but I've seen a few people in blog-land participate.

Babies. I love babies. My little sister is pregnant (!!!!). She's due in September. I'll still be living at home for a few months after the baby arrives, so I will have the pleasure of indulging in baby-scented bliss! I can't wait! I have been scouring Etsy for stuff to buy. There is so much cute stuff!

Hope you enjoyed your second long weekend.

x Jasmine

Katinka said...

OMG! the babies are too cute :)

Gracie said...

@ Lavender's Green - A journal swap that I usually like includes prompts and each day (or ever couple of days) you do the prompt and you can decorate the pages the way you want too. I can give you a better explanation :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Thanks for the explanation - it makes sense now. It sounds like a long letter, enclosed in a beautiful keepsake.

My first though had me thinking of handing over a journal of mine and I was thinking, "Hmm ... do I want people reading some of those things?" If only hand-written things had an 'edit undo' function, haha.

I'm keen to do a journal swap with you, if you'd like?

x Jasmine

Becky said...

just stumbled onto your blog -- what a sweet little blog! Very cute baby things - those shoes are too pretty!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am dying over that little bear hat. SO precious!

Anonymous said...

I loveee you....miss being in touch with you!
Really busy with exams which is why you hardly see me around, but I thought I'd leave a hello.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

If my husband had seen the Jedi In Training onesie before our boys were born, he would have scooped one up immediately!

I'm half way through Eat, Pray, Love and really quite enjoying it...

Happy May, so far!

Jess said...

Aww cute little babies! But I also have a neighbor with a screaming baby that puts me right off all that lol.

_ffyona said...

I am quite nuts about babies AND their little outfits etc actually. And you just reminded me i need to pick up frankie mag!

Unknown said...

It's definitely ok to have babies on the brain. It's a natural thing.

And those baby shoes are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra said...

What adorable baby items and I hope you have a nice trip next week! I love how creative you are, I too love to create and am determined to make more time soon after my class. I know how to crochet and love it, I think you will too. ;) Perhaps I will be a part of this journal swap, I will e-mail you about it in a few weeks when my class is over. Aww babies, I have been thinking of them too and I'm not even married yet, he he.

alli/hooray said...

Those onesies are so funny - my husband would love the gamer + jedi ones. And I need to read eat, pray, love!

Anna said...

Eat Pray Love is a really great book. I hope you enjoy it.

Belen said...

future gamer and jedi in training are SO CUTE! and i'm IN LOVE with the chandelier one! :D but the must-have baby onesie i'll get when my first baby comes around is this:[]=tags&includes[]=title

:) and i also love those shoes! :D