Friday, 7 May 2010

Lists, lists lists

I had a few posts in mind today but our Internet is really slow so I can't put many pictures up. It will a week before we get our good Internet back.

I thought I would post a whole bunch of lists. I love list making especially To Do lists, although I'm not so good at the doing what's on the list.

* Little Things that Make me Happy

~ Having a hot Milo after dinner
~ Seeing how long my hair is getting
~ Receiving letters and packages in the mail
~ Watching a baby explore the world
~ Being all cosy in bed
~ Reading on the lounge
~ The glow of candle light and the ambiance it creates
~ Being so excited I have to dance around and not care that I look stupid
~ Having breakfast with Jason after church on Sundays
~ Seeing my family after not seeing them for awhile

From a few years ago. Poor Caeleb didn't like the water at first.

* Creative To Do list

~ Keep on trying to learn how to crochet via YouTube videos (I need someone to show me how to do it)
~ Get a fancy camera to play around with
~ Learn how to use my letterpress machine
~ Work on my inspiration journal
~ Bring my sewing machine from my parents house over and start sewing simple things (or a get a new sewing machine since the other is technically my parents)
~ To a book binding course (There is one next month I want to do!)
~ Write more letters and send more packages
~ Make some pretty jewellery (especially earrings, rings and necklaces)
~ Make more cards and envelopes for Etsy
~ Make a few headbands
~ Make a scrapbook/journal for wedding photos
~ Start an inspiration folder full of ideas for decorating our house
~ Cook a new recipe a week
~ Bake something from a cookbook
~ Journal more

* Other To Do's

~ Follow an exercise regime
~ Explore my city more and find new pretty places
~ Star gaze with Jason
~ Go on a picnic
~ Buy something frivolous that makes me happy (e.g. Wellington boots - don't really need them but love them)
~ Try and be more involved with our Church SHE Rescue Home
~ Volunteer somewhere
~ Look for a new job (one that will make me happy)

Anyway, this weekend I'm going to a SHE event at our church this saturday night. It should be wonderful! Have a lovely weekend!


Busy Bee Lauren said...

such pretty pictures, and i loved your happy list!

Miss Laura said...

Hello my love! Thanks for another lovely post... we need to catch up asap because I miss you, but in the meantime I am so thankful for your blog because I get to keep up to date with your life... (Not that its a substitute).

Caeleb was such a cute lil bubba, naw! And the baby things from your previous post are way too cute!

Ps we should do a picnic and you can borrow one of my good cameras if you like?! I want to get some polaroid film too :) I LOVE you x

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I'm a real list-maker too. I like yours today! I think I might make a "everything I want to do this summer" list and include everything- the exciting stuff (trip to England), the boring stuff (re-organize spare room and clean out closets), the absolutely-necessary stuff (exercise HARD three times a week)... Thanks for the motivation to get started on this list!

And happy weekend to you, Gracie! It's only Thursday evening here, so ours is still a whole day off...

Claire Kiefer said...

I love lists too--somehow things seem more conquerable when they are laid out in list form. Good luck with your lists . . . especially the fun things on your to do list. :)

ohjoana said...

I love lists either, it's a pity I never can follow all I write on them, but I wished, and I am planning to make on list of things i want to do still this year, since I got my driver license and it's easier now, and I plan to follow all the steps, which will be about going to places in my country like some palaces, castles and mysterious villages I never went to.

You really should rescue your sewing machine. My parents bought me one when I was 15, but it is a old model and no one never could understand why it doesn't work correctly, so I am thinking to by a new one as soon as I can and learn what I always wished for.

Have a cosy day dear,

littletiara said...

I love making list and I love you and so of course I love your list, ahahah...

and go star gazing? Oh my dear! I'm melting...

Alely said...

awwww...loved your list! i am a very good list maker just not good at crossing off what's on the list. may i borrow this idea for a future post? thanks for your comment on the stylish and fun camera bag. i so appreciate it. it will do for now but i so still love that lola and that belle. have a loveLee weekend. i'm sure you will have a great time at church tonight!

Cassie said...

Oh I love a good list Gracie!

Have you seen those list books available?

Just think of all the satisfaction you will feel when you get to put a great big tick next to some of those!


OneCraftyFox said...

Great lists, and your pics are sweet and fun too!

The weekend is almost here, hope we both get to have some lovely weather :)

Unknown said...

I love having breakfast with my hubby after church on Sundays too. Something comforting in routine and it may bore some people but I love it. :)

Anna said...

I love lists! I usually keep my to do lists to myself but maybe I'll post them on my blog. It may help me to actually do those things.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Let's get to exercisin' together! That's been a goal of mine for too long!

Bianca Jagoe said...

I loved this list Gracie :)

Yelena said...

i do adore lists. they're inspiring and keep me on track.
sounds like you have some great to-do's to cross off those lists! :)

Kellie Collis said...

I love lists! Hope you have had a perfect weekend! x

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Every time I read one of your entries, it's like reading about myself! I love lists. I bought one of those '101 Dreams' books from Kikki K to fill with 101 things I want to achieve before I am 30. So far I have about 80 things on my list.

Where did you get your letterpress machine from?

Look out for an email soon!

x Jasmine

Kristen said...

Your new header is soooo beautiful!! And I love lists too. Love them!!

Hope you've had a beautiful weekend!

tiffany said...

awww i love this!

its simple love said...

I am a big list person myself. Love this post, the pictures and everything. Exercise is ALWAYs on my list.... but i hardly scratch it off. Poo.


Anonymous said...

Today, I got two Moleskine notebooks (the second-to-smallest, green) because you said that you loved yours and I felt like I needed to write my emotions down somewhere. Just saying thanks for the indirect recommendation. :)

And <3ed the lists, btw. :)

--Alexandria @ HGT

julialow said...

Ooh, I just love everything you have listed out! Breakfast after church is always nice, and I, too, like seeing how long my hair gets! ;) Hahaha. Twas really long but I just got a hair cut + perm last week. Milo is the yummiest! I'd much prefer that over hot chocolate any day.

Hope everything's well with you, dearest! I miss you. x

Andhari said...

Love your list, Gracie. Especially the first one. Nothing like a hot chocolate to accompany you relax :)

Unknown said...

I am a list girl too! Just had fun exploring your cute blog! :)