Friday, 26 November 2010

I'm thankful for...

I know we don't have Thanksgiving here in Aus but I think it's always great to be thankful for what you have. So here's my thankful list...

Having Christ in my life
 Having a wonderful, beautiful family
My absolute best friend and amazing hubby Jason
My gorgeous friends
Lovely, lovely lovely blog friends/pen pals (who I consider real friends too)
Owning a home
The ability to see, hear, taste, touch, smell and use those to wonder at all the beauty around
Being blessed beyond anything that I could imagine
Being so loved by my Creator, my family and friends and husband

And a less serious list

Books, books, books!
Stationery stores
Etsy and other fantastic online shops
Candle light, fairy lights, star light - soft light
Wonderfully written book characters
Mail and packages (to send and receive yay)

There would be so much more on this list but this is just a brief overview. I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic weekend!

P.S I bought a 7ft green Christmas tree last night. I can't wait to put it up!! 


Brooke T said...

such a great list :)

thegirlhassparke said...

Can not wait to see your tree! Your so right it is always nice to be thankful, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. All the sales on etsy at the moment are calling my name, oh dear.

k said...

hurray for your christmas tree!!!! I love your lists :)

and flowers pick themselves said...

lovely. really, really lovely.


xo Alison

OneCraftyFox said...

Great lists! I am thankful for warm meaningful hugs, my kitty happily purring in my lap when I work from home, and my amazing blog friends... like you!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with the things you love.


Shannon said...

Hi Gracie! Your blogspot is beautiful. I read your bio on swap dex. I missed your last swap by a day, so I hope you have another one sometime. Have a great Saturday!

JMay said...

Such a great list to be thankful for! :-)

Lisa said...

a great list

I love books too x

Cassie said...

I fabulous list Gracie, I have to agree with you that even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in England either it is still a great time to remind yourself of those things.

I too can't wait to see your tree - do show us soon!

Anastasia said...

love this post Gracie!!!
ive seen a few Thankful posts...i need to do one too because its important to stop and realise what we are thankful for in life!!

Alexis said...

Blog friends, real life friends, books, fairy lights, many of the same things I love! :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Great list and very similar to mine!

I can't wait to see your tree - how massive are 7ft trees! So many decorations are needed to fill it out.

x Jasmine

Sierra said...

I too am thankful for Christ, so many gifts He has given me! ;) Love your less serious list as well, books and stationary are the best!