Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wedding Photobooth

♥ My 'ferret face' taken by Laura 

Hello hello! Thanks so much for entering my quick little giveaway! I really do like the diary but I need it smaller to fit into my life.

Anyway, I found our Wedding Photo booth pictures. It was so much fun to go through. I thought I would share a few here. I also have a copy of some videos of our wedding that one of Jason's cousins did. I will see if I can break it up into smaller clips and post here.

Jason and his step brother Jason (funny I know) and my brother Alvin. This was before the wedding they were testing it out.

My oldest brother Rolf, testing out the camera and sign

Thara and Kristina, funny faces

I'm not sure why I like this photo :) 

Our masks with Melly and Laura

My nephews Isaiah and Caeleb

Lizzy, my matron of honour and me

They were waiting to get their photo taken with their sign ready

Two of my best girls from high school, Kim and Alice

Jason and some of his good mates and brother

Melly and Alvin mucking around

My wonderful parents

I know this is random wedding talk but I thought I would share some of these photos. There were a lot of funny ones too but a lot of them were personal jokes :P

Have a wonderful rest of week!!

P.S. I'm seeing Harry Potter tomorrow with Jason's mum and his brother's gf! Wheeee! 


Lily Riani said...

pics like this that makes the occasion sweet and fun.

Nicki said...

Aww, how precious!

Giovanna said...

How beautiful!! Love them ❤
Boho Market

Alyssa said...

So lovely!!! gosh you look so much like your mum!
Still love the fact she is named after green gables :)
omg the word verification is gingham thats why anne always wore. its a sign!


Karina Pacheco said...

LOVE the pictures you all look beautiful and your parents LOVELY : D

Oh! I forgot you guys are ahead of us by a day - that's not fair you get to see Harry Potter before us!!!!
Enjoy : D
Have lots of fun and cheer a lot on my behalf.

P.S. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

P.P.S. Bugs are yucky.

Take care Gracie : D


Rhiannon Bosse said...

Awe!! What fun pictures you have from your special day! You made a beautiful bride Miss Gracie! xo

Anastasia said...

oh these are SO fun!!! gosh you look SO much like your mum Gracie - what lovely parents, family and friends you have!! fun photos!!!
enjoy your Harry Potter movie!!!

Kristie said...

your mom looks a lot like you...

Jewel. said...

Thank you for stopping by at my blog! your lovely lovely comment made me smile.

looovee these pictures. I love the idea of the masks and umbrellas! and your dress looked gorgeous!

Sara said...

Your mother is so beautiful! You look so much like each other. I love the photo of your nephews, too!

thegirlhassparke said...

These are so gorgeous and fun - I think photobooths are such a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

Emily's Moose - Karolina Kubikowska said...

these are amazing, and so fun! And yes, you do look like your mum. I have that same thing. it's amazing, right? :)


Signe said...

Love these images, looks like you had a great day!!


Unknown said...

Oh how fun! Looks like your wedding was a blast:) And such a pretty bride you were!

Ps: let me know how Harry Potter is:)

k said...

oh gosh, those are awesome! I love the fun mask :) And you must share your etsy star necklace link!

littletiara said...

:D lovely pictures!!! Having photo booth isn't really trencding yet in Indonesia, I should have one when I'm married later, hohoho... well... gotta grab someone who will marry me first, though, lol ;P

Cassie said...

Love these kind of shots Gracie - such great fun to have as well as posed wedding ones.

You really did look stunning dear.

PS: Hoping to see Harry Potter next week, hope it is great

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

So fun! I really wish we had done that!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...


All of these are fantastic (haha, your ferret face makes me laugh). Looks like you guys had a blast. I love seeing wedding photos, so keep 'em coming!

x Jasmine