Monday, 23 March 2009

A bit of randomness

I wasn't quite sure what to blog about. So I thought I would just post a few random things.

1. Selina Lake - Pretty Camisoles, 2. 1,2,3., 3. Monnalisa, 4. {suitcase of words}, 5. {spare bedroom}, 6. princess, 7. imaginary dancer II, 8. Untitled, 9. 3/365 1.3.09, 10. (280) Note to Self:, 11. "Do you believe in fairies?...., 12. Untitled

This flickr mosaic is just a random group of my flickr favourites. No theme, no style just pure randomness.

I'm inspired but I'm not feeling creative at the moment but I do feel like creating a few Polyvore sets. These next ones are not my own creations. They are some of my recent favourites.

Natalie Portman ....She is a Lady
Natalie Portman ....She is a Lady - by ♥Georgia-90♥(So busy) on

I like Natalie Portman and I just adore this picture and set. I do love this dress.
*Čudna je zvjerčica strast*
*Čudna je zvjerčica strast* - by Sha007*** on

I would wear this if I had these dress and shoes.

flower fae
flower fae - by tiny unicorn. on

This makes me feel like daydreaming. I have a lot of sets like this as favourites. I would love to create one sometime.
a girl called star.
a girl called star. - by tiny unicorn. on
Again I get a dream-like feeling when I look at this.
Dress Like Rachel Bilson
Dress Like Rachel Bilson - by Lauren☮♥♫ on
I definitely want this outfit. I already have items that are similar expect for the shoes and sunnies.

#707: vintageous
#707: vintageous - by little parisienne on
I just think this is cute. Sometimes I wish I would be more creative with my outfits.

So I'm going to go back and create a few sets and keep on exploring. That's all from me today.


Andhari said...

I like that Natalie Portman set!:) You got some talents.

Miss | A said...

found you via two ellie. great blog!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i'm so glad i discovered your blog! gorgeous inspirational picture you've got there! =)

Sonia Style said...

Your blog is so great! I will follow.

Sonia Style, Brazil

Unknown said...

I think that Natalie Portman is just the most gorgeous. I mean, truly one of the few rare beauties left in Hollywood.Fabulous photos. -e

Labour of Love said...

totally agree with Emily...Natalie Portman is one of my favourite actresses-classical elegance-reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly-timeless beauty! love your random collages, your polyvore sets are magnificent-you're one creative kindred spirit! xo