Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Just a bit of inspiration

I've been playing around on Polyvore for the past few days looking at sets and creating a few of my own. I've found so many inspirational collages and some of the images they use I like to find. I'm trying to make my blog more of a place where I can share more of my inspirations as well as creations and my life.

Here are some for your own viewing pleasure......

Taken from Livejournal

Taken from Scoopmodels

Taken from Vanity Fair

Taken from Perfectpeople

Taken from We heart it

Taken from We heart it

I had to add the Star Wars pic because I love the movies and I think that is such a lovely photo.

Here are the Polyvore sets that I made the past few days.

I'm off to try and finish my To Do list which is really lagging behind lately. I'm sure my next post may be about my good friend Laura's upcoming wedding.


Andhari said...

I like time for a tea party set, I adore the dress. Just wow. And I like that picture in a carousel. :)

a girl with a smile said...

these are wonderful! polyvore is great! i go there to relieve my stress

Unknown said...

great pics ... Natalie is such a gorgeous girl

Leah said...

You are too clever, I love those collages! I will have to try some!

Unknown said...

So Magical- Loving it! Daisy~

Labour of Love said...

what beautiful collages...i LOVE them all...great designs and wonderful outfits...loving your style!!! xo;)