Friday, 6 March 2009

A little bit of everything

I love getting my hair cut. And being pampered in the process is a bonus. I went to GW Private room yesterday with my middle brother's girlfriend. She had a 50% off voucher so I obliged =) I had an aromatherapy head massage before the head massage while getting my hair washed plus the chair was a massage chair! While waiting I had my green tea and mango yogurt which I had requested from a list they gave me. The music is relaxing and the whole atmosphere is as well. I couldn't go there all the time because money wise it's just not practical but I had a little piece of luxury.

Anyway, Danni from Oh Hello Friend, is having a giveaway.

The banner above shows the items that were kindly donated. So get over there and enter =)Plus check out her other inspiring posts, lovely finds and beautiful pictures.

These are the invitations I made for my friend Laura's Hen's night this Saturday night.

I had fun making them. I might play around with the idea more to come up with something for my Etsy. I really need to update and add more items.

A close up. I was originally going to make a large corset and open it up but it just didn't seem to work on a large scale, whereas, the tiny one looked a lot better.

My creative pursuits continue on. Tomorrow I will be getting my tabletop letterpress from Bespoke Press. So that's exciting news. Plus on Monday night I had my first dress making course. I should have specified that it's a dress making course not sewing lesson like I said in my previous post. It's been fun. I'm working towards making a simple skirt and learning how to read patterns. My only embarrassing moment was when I smacked my head under a shelf =( I didn't look up and bang instant bump on my head. It hurt for quite a bit the next day.

Anyway, have a great weekend!


Andhari said...

Every girl needs to self pamper once in a while :D That does sound very relaxing.

paula said...

Those invites are great. I must say I am jealous of your day out!

Miss Laura said...

AH I love them, I was going to take pics and put them on my page, but I might just steal them off your page if thats ok? They look so good all together!


Artifax said...

Yeah for being pampered!! Sounds like a very relaxing, luxurious time you had!

Can't wait to see the skirt you're making in your class! Do we get to see "in progress" pics? Your invitations seem very fashion oriented ... love those corsets!

Leah said...

Those invites are stunning, I love corsets!

Anastasia said...

ohhh i hope im not too late for that giveaway - looks like some lovely stuff there!
nice blog too, thanks for the link!
how's the skirt going??
so cool you got a letterpress...i love the look and feel of letterpress goods!
COFA here in Sydney is offering a short course on letterpress, would love to do it sometime....

Anastasia said...

too late for the giveaway - not to worry!
hey the invites are just beautiful...i love lace!! gorgeous!
bet your friend was super pleased with those!! you should make the bridal shower invites too!

Miss Laura said...

I must also say I am pulling such a funny face in that photo, haha!

You should do those words with your new letterpress! I can even send you a pdf of the words if you like, the font is so beautiful, my fav!


Labour of Love said...

wowzer! those invitations are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! love the paper+design..perfect theme for such a sweet party! xoxo jo ;)