Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Friend Laura's Wedding

On Saturday it was my good friend Laura's wedding. It was beautiful. Simple, classic yet it definitely had her distinct touch. 

Here are a few photos from that day. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo with her on my camera but I know that her sister took a photo.

Jason and I before we left. 
Josh (the groom) waits with his groomsmen and the pastor.
The bridesmaids and flower girl. Laura drew a rough sketch for the dress designs for her bridesmaids and had them made. I love the fabric and the colour. I love how the dresses flow. So pretty. 
The lovely Laura. Her dress is beautiful and she looked amazing! 
Laura and Josh. I can't remember which part of the ceremony this was. 
My friends Kristina and Natalia. This was taken after the ceremony. We were catching up while waiting for the reception. Laura and Josh were off to get photos. 
The centre piece that Laura created. I love the simplicity of it. The candle light set the mood. 
The favours were Hershey's kisses. Laura designed a monogram for her and Josh's initials. I should mention that she is a graphic designer. 
The beautiful newlyweds. It was actually quite hard to take good photos with a normal camera. I think it had something to do with the lighting. 
I think this is beautiful! I loved her dress. This photo reflects that way they are with each other all the time. 
Laura had this frame with this quite in the ladies bathroom. She also had another similar frame with 'Powder Room' on it. It was so hard to take a photo of because there were always people in the bathroom. So I finally was able to just before we left.

It was so lovely and the little touches are what made it so special. I'm soo happy for them both and I hope they are having a fantastic honeymoon in Thailand. 


paula said...

What a beautiful wedding and I must say you looked gorgeous too!

Labour of Love said...

what a beautiful couple you and your honey, Jason are!!! the wedding looked absolutely amazing-perfect weather+perfect bride+groom...i love the elegant simplicity of your friend's wedding-the details are incredible-from the bridesmaids dresses, the decor, the bride's amazing wedding dress, the favours, even the quote...all timeless classic...i have to add your circle of friends are quite stunningly attractive! xo jo;)

Labour of Love said...

ps. Happy April! xo

Andhari said...

Look at you! Looking good :)

And she certainly has some talents and taste, I like how glamorous she makes everything look. Gold isalways the right color for weddings.

suzie wuzie said...

i love the darkened edges of the photos. was that an effect of the camera?