Thursday, 27 August 2009

MBFF 2009 Part 2

Hey lovelies! This is the second part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. On Monday night, Laura, Kristina and I went to one of the ready to wear group shows.

Beforehand, Laura and I met up to have a light dinner. Then Kristina came and we all went to City Hall together from there.

Laura and I outside before we went in. It was another beautiful night weather wise.

When we got there they were giving out Napoleon Perdis samples and they had a little set up to get your lips done. I was taking some random photos of Laura with her fancy camera.

And I got this one. I'm quite proud of this =) The light is really pretty in the background.

Image by Laura

Laura took this one. I didn't have the guts to have any colour besides a neutral shade. One day I might try a colour.

Image by Laura

Image by Laura

This is Kristina and me before the show. City Hall is a beautiful old building that was shut for awhile for renovations. They have this lovely marble staircase in the main foyer. I had my year 12 formal at City Hall.

Image by Laura

It was a lot harder to take photos at this show. So I let Laura do it =) I loved this dress and the back is so pretty.

The most embarrassing thing that happened was one of the models dresses fell off her shoulder right when she went to the end of the runway so all the photographers had a good shot of her boob. She handled it pretty well but then it fell down again when she was facing us going back up the runway. I know models have to deal with situations like that but still it would suck.

They gave everything these little gift bags from Napolean, which were quite cute.

I would really like to try out Napoleon sometime. I see it at the shopping centre when I work and I've always felt compelled to try it out.


nicole mountz said...

sounds like fun! those images are beautiful by the way, do you happen to know what type of camera she has? :)

Kristen said...

Gracie- you look so beautiful!! And I love your top- lovely!!

Miss Laura said...

Aw I like our photo (prior to red lips)! I think you took a gorgeous photo, I love the lighting! I also love the pics of you; you're so photogenic!

Its just a Canon 400D, with some different lenses (I think thats the main trick), I can't wait to get a 5D!

. said...

Looks like so much fun!!

oh, hello friend. said...

looks SOOO lovely! :)
i like your dress!
can't wait to see more!

xo. danni

Andhari said...

Both of you ladies are really pretty and I like what you wear. Classy and sophisticated without being too overdone :)

Ps. Poor model..that kind of thing happens a lot.

Anastasia said...

Beautiful pic Gracie!! you look gorgeous!

nicole mountz said...

thank you laura :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like such an amazing event...and you look fantastic!!

Sara said...

I love the dress!! I always go or neutral shades too, when it comes to lipstick :)

Amanda K said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a fun Girl's Night Out!

Lisa said...

I've tagged you on my blog xx

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You're right the back on that dress is ridiculously beautiful and you look gorg lady!