Monday, 10 August 2009

Weekend recap and bridesmaid ideas

Hello lovelies I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our plans changed a bit. We still watched The Ugly Truth. It was great! Totally inappropriate but oh so funny =) On the Saturday we went to look for wedding rings but we also helped out my brother with finding his groomsmen outfits. And since I work at Myer he needed my discount card and my help.

Anyway, that night we watched the Brisbane Roar soccer game. In my last post I referred to the team as Queensland Roar but their name has now changed. We lost though =( Sigh.

Here's the Roar getting ready for a penalty shot. Our only goal that night sigh.

I just had to add this one. At half time each corner occupied some littlies playing. It was too cute!

On Sunday after church Jason and I had our usual hot chocolate for me and caramelatte for Jason and croissants. That's our breakfast after the early morning service at church. Afterwards we decided to do our engagement registry. It took us about 3.5 hours and I still don't think it's complete. Oh well at least we started it. It was a great weekend!

Well lately I've been thinking about bridesmaid dresses a lot! Still I know. It seems like I'm hardly moving forward with it. The lovely Nicole made a suggestion about Twobirds (this is the Aussie site). I've seen it before but it was a good reminder. Thanks Nicole!

Taken from TwoBirds

Taken from Twobirds

It's such a great concept and it's given me some good ideas. I'm being so indecisive about this I need to just make a decision.

Anyway, I begin my week of planning (since I'm barely working lately). I do want to say that I have a wedding website HERE. I hope do add more details and photos. Hopefully there will be more photos that I don't post here. Have a great week.


ClaireLines said...

Those dress pics are goregous, I love the one with the cross-over at the collarbone in the pale colour. The red ones are stunning. You always have such lovely pictures!! Just in case you haven't had your fill of sport this weekend, yet more tonight haha. See you then. :D

Andhari said...

Finding what kind of bridesmaid dresses you want sound really difficult, and you're quite a perfectionist. Lol. I saw a lot of great ones from pictures you posted, didn't you like any of those? As for this post, I like the first soft pink/lavender ones. So pretty.:)

Kellie Collis said...

Love all the different dresses - so pretty. Your website is lovely too i just had a peek :) xx

Amanda K said...

The bridesmaid dresses look really pretty, I like how they have so many different styles. But that must make it so hard to chose. Can't wait to see your final picks!
Have a great week!!

Claire said...

Love the dresses!

megan and melissa said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend. Hope your wedding plans continue to go well. Those dresses in those pictures really are pretty.

julialow said...

football rocks! it's okay, i'm sure brisbane roar (love the name, btw!) will win the next time round! but i know how depressed i can get when my favourite team loses. haha. awww the little 'uns on the field are sooo adorable!

your weekend sounded great! by the way, i'm so sorry i haven't replied your e-mail, gracie. i had a crazy week (but it's no excuse!), and i really want to take time to pen a proper reply and not just some hit-and-miss one. will do it tomorrow night! :) take care, love!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love the idea of different dresses in the same color. My girls all wore dresses of their choosing in black. It turned out so pretty!

Nicole Marie said...

i've been to several wedding where all the bridesmaids wear different styles of the dress and i loved it.

Anonymous said...

love the ruby color...they are so elegant!

Anastasia said...

i heard about those dresses...nice way to have similar colour but alternate styles! lots of fun planning!!

Carlito86 said...

I am going to see The Ugly Truth on Tuesday for my birthday I am really excited! :) xxx