Monday, 3 August 2009

On a renewed sense of passion

On the weekend Jason and I got our engagement photos done by Laura. We were a little awkward at first because we didn't know how to act natural but over time it got so much easier. Laura is fantastic! I started to feel less self conscious even though there were a fair few people around. There were two weddings at New Farm Park, well they were getting their photos taken.

Afterwards we sat and have a late afternoon picnic which was really lovely. Then the 4 (Josh, Laura's hubby was there too) of us watched Public Enemies.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was intense and really interesting. I was completely fascinated by the story and loved the clothes, the coats and the hats.

While waiting for the ferry I took this photo (I lightened it a bit). It was such a beautiful night or I guess you would call this Twilight. Jason and I took the ferry to New Farm Park. Brisbane is known as the River City so a lot of people take the ferry to parts of the city.

Yet again I'm feeling very dreamy and thoughtful and it makes me want to go outside and sit in the sun and read, write , think and daydream.

Image found via Dress Design & Decor

This looks so cosy and a great place to relax in the sun. I think I will when we get our house we will need to create a space like this in our backyard. I can imagine myself spending a great deal of time here.

I'm dreaming of our wedding, but I'm also dreaming of our life together. I'm thinking about all the travelling I want to do with Jason. Our plan is to go to Europe next year and maybe go past the US on our way back home. And Laura and Josh got me thinking about living overseas for a few months.

I've been thinking a lot about my future plans. Travel is a definite. But I also want to do a lot of helping other people and being more creative and learning more skills. I told Jason that we should get involved in some type of overseas church activity. I would like to go to Cambodia and help out with the SHE Rescue home and Jason might go over to Vanuatu and help build schools and help to educate and train. I've also wanted to volunteer at the children's hospital and just get involved with helping people more.

I think I'm really starting to see the kind of impact I can make and how I can go out and experience by seeing new places, meeting new people and just loving life. I think I've been a bit stagnant and I feel like I have this renewed sense of passion to just live. I'm so incredibly blessed and I thank God for everything I have been provided with.

Sorry I didn't mean to go on this tangent when I started this post this morning. I actually didn't know what to write about and this just started flowing out of me. So I hope you make it though.

Just had to add a few pictures which pretty much sums up my feelings. That joy and sense of freedom and beauty.

Image found via She Smiles, She Writes via Flickr

Image found via She Smiles, She Writes via Flickr

Image found via Fine Little Love via Flickr

I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful week!

P.S. I have a blog award that I have to give out. Next post!


julialow said...

Awww, can't wait to see the engagement photos! (if you will be posting them) The picnic sounded lovely, and so did the ferry ride. So beautiful! Do you live in Brisbane? Or nearby?

I'm very inspired by your desire to reach out to the world for God! We are only one, but it's one that makes all the difference. Don't let go of these desires, Gracie! :) God bless and keep you.

Andhari said...

OMG Gracie, it just kicks in right now that you live in Brisbane, a friend of mine from here go to a university there and when we were talking yesterday i was like,"OMG my blog friend lives there and she's so stylish and she's getting married" LOLLLLL I wanna see these pics, I think they'll turn out fantastic.:)

Gracie said...

Lol I guess I have never said I live in Brisbane. But yes I live here. And I hope I will be able to post some pics when they are done =)

Kellie Collis said...

I love being outdoors! x

Haven and Home said...

What a beautiful post, I loved reading this. How fun to have engagement pictures made! I am glad you are feeling God's presence. I am thinking about our future right now and it is exciting and somewhat scary too....

Jan-Peter said...

Oh yes, the ferry ride is really nice. One of the best things I remember doing in Brisbane!

I would love to see some of the pictures, too. :)

I guess, you and Jason really should go overseas to help people there. Looks like the perfect thing to do for you two.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You have a beautiful future ahead of you! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I'm all for anything that includes Johnny. Ah ha

Kristen said...

You always make me want to set up a canopy and get some tulle and white lights and read outside. And the picture of the tutu girl in the field is beautiful!!

ClaireLines said...

Goregous pics, Gracie! It's lovely to hear you're looking forward to some many goregous things... :)

megan and melissa said...

It sounds like you have alot of goals and dreams that you two want to accomplish together. I can't wait to see your engagement pictures and see how they turned out. Hope you had a good weekend too. It sounds like it was full of adventures.

nicole mountz said...

what beautiful photos! if i could travel everyday for the rest of my life i'd be a happy girl. that's really the only thing i'd want to do with my life besides have a family. :)

audrey said...

I really admire your motivation to help others. Looking forward to your engagement photos!

Miss Laura said...

Gracie, I love your heart.
You are so encouraging, kind, thoughtful, sweet and one of my bestest friends. SO excited to see all your dreams come true x