Friday, 31 July 2009

Preparing for engagement photos

I'm excited about getting our engagement photos done! My beautiful Laura is doing them for us. I must share some of her photography but first I want to share a few dress pictures.

I bought this dress for our actual engagement party which will be in September. It's really pretty in real life, a sort of gold tone. I bought it from Forever New. A favourite shop.

Now at our engagement shoot I will most likely be wearing a black dress, but I'm not sure which one to wear. For one it's the middle of winter here not that it gets that cold. Here are some photos. They're not that great due to lighting not sure how to take the photos.

I bought this dress awhile ago but still haven't worn it. I always seem to fall back on black dresses (hence why I bought a gold one for our engagement to break out for the black and white mold).

This was taken last year. I have trouble posing sometimes so I end looking a bit awkward. So this is the other black dress for my second choice.

One is little bit dressy whilst the other is bit more casual I guess. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Anyway, I also just have to share some of lovely Laura's photos. I've taken these from her Facebook (sorry hun!).

Just two of the engagement photos she took for Elise and Dan, some friends of ours. There are more but I didn't want to take too many.

I just had to add this photo in. Laura took this at my 22nd birthday. I know I'm wearing fairy wings but it was part of the theme =)

So we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Dinner with friends tonight, engagement photos tomorrow with a picnic afterwards or before the photos. Hope you all have wonderful weekends!


Amanda K said...

All the dresses look really pretty esp. the gold tone one for your engagement party. I can't wait to see your engagement photos.

Andhari said...

Ooohhh I love the gold tone dress! Very sophisticated :)

julialow said...

I love your gold dress! It's so pretty. Oh, and both the black dresses are gorgeous, but I love the first one even more! hehe.

And by golly, that last photo of you and your fiance is absolutely amazing and just so sweet! (props to Laura for capturing the best moments) I have a photo like that with Alvin, but I definitely don't look as graceful as you do. You're sooo beautiful, Gracie!

Have fun at your engagement shoot, hun. It's so exciting! x

paula said...

I just adore doing an engagement shoot. love the dresses. will she let you do 2 outfits. we always say bring on dress up and one cute and casual. just a thought. Have fun!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That last pic is so fabulous and I adore your goldish dress!

megan and melissa said...

I love that gold pretty. I can't wait to see your engagement pictures. Hope you have a good weekend.

Sessa said...

the dresses are gorgeous! congrats, :)