Thursday, 23 July 2009


I was tagged by Julia, and the rules are:

+ Link back to the person who tagged you
+ List six little things that make you happy
+ Tag six bloggers and let them know they're 'it.'

This is a sweet tag and it's always nice to list little things that make me happy. Sometimes it's the little things that make it a day filled with happiness.

1. Ballet Flats

Image via French Sole

I'm completely obsessed with flats. I'm making myself quite a collection.

2. Books

I love to read and drink tea to relax and it makes me happy. So do pretty covers.

3. Writing and receiving letters

I love to receive letters and to write them. I still have every letter written to me since I was 9. I'm always up for new penpals if any one wants one (let me know). I always add little notes, stationery and other bits in my letters =)

4. Moleskine Notebook/Journals

Image via Notemaker

Ever since I bought my first Moleskine I've loved them. I always carry one around in my bag. I usually go for the plain pages instead of lined.

5. Being a kid again

We love to play in the park when we get the chance. It's fun to just be a little kid again.

We just adored jumping on the trampoline at Christmas last year. It was a present for the nephews.

6. Sweet Kisses

Image via Le Love

Those sweet little kisses on the cheek always make me happy and loved. And images like this fill me up with such joy!

I now tag:

+ Melissa and Megan of Fiddlesticks and Funny Girls
+ Claire of Book Shelf
+ Ellia of Green Bean Baby
+ Nicole of My Teacups in Peony

Thanks lovelies! Hope you enjoyed!


Amanda K said...

Fun tag... I love the Moleskine notebooks too. They are perfect for scribbling notes. Ballet flats are great especially since most are more comfty than heels.

Labour of Love said...

what a sweet your 6 lil' things...i love getting to know you even more...i love your books+letter reply...i heart those completely too and the sweet kisses=PERFECT! (i might have to use something like that too...) thanks so much for tagging me...such an honour + pleasure...will post as soon as i can my 6 lil' happy things! xoxo jo;)

megan and melissa said...

Thanks so much for the tag. I can't wait to start brainstorming the six things that make me happy. I am off to start thinking.

nicole mountz said...

moleskins are the best.. i always prefer unlined as well :) that picture on the trampoline is awesome.. my best friend has one and we've been known to sit/jump on it for hours. even to fall asleep on it ;) annd thanks for the tag! i cant wait to do it! mwuah!

Miss Laura said...

You're gorgeous bella x

julialow said...

I absolutely adore the photo of you and your fiance jumping on the trampoline. it's sooooo adorable! :D :D

you have a very lovely list of little things that make you happy. ballet flats are so cute and chic (i love my canvas ones) and kisses are always the best. ;)

thanks for doing the meme, love! :)

Kellie Collis said...

Such great blogs here. I love ballet flats too. I always feel glamourous when wearing them ! x

Courtney said...

What a lovely list! Your six things are very similar to my six things, especially the books, moleskins, and being a kid again.

Carlito86 said...

What a great tag, I love reading things like this and these pictures are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE moleskin journals...i alwayls carry one with me too:)

Andhari said...

I loooove being a kid again! And of course books, the leisure ones..not what my school gave me to read :P

Kristen said...

I am new to your blog and am so glad I found it. I love EVERY item on your list. I think letter writing is a lost art- it is so neat you saved all the letters you've gotten- what a treasure!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I adore snail mail too!

Pearl Maple said...

Fun things on your little list, all well worth enjoying.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. If you were interested in the mail art Canon on the Meandering Pearl is hosting a swap.

Anastasia said...

i love flats too!! i want some new silver ones for my upcoming trip!!
cute Meme lovely images!

Miss Laura said...

I pretty much wear my gold ballet flats every day; they're my walking shoes! I love your loves x