Friday, 10 July 2009

Centre Pieces

Yesterday it was my 4 years with Jason! I can't believe it's been that long but a wonderful 4 years together. We haven't done anything yet but will have dinner on Saturday night. I will write a post about this next time (and and the story of how we met!).

On the wedding front I'm doing lots of planning. We need to plan our engagement party which we have started doing. I'm still figuring out bridesmaid dresses, planning centre pieces, planning our cupcake tower (instead of a cake), trying to decide what type of flowers for the bouquets and working out our invitations. Not sure if I'm going to be able to letterpress them now. 

Here is my centre piece inspiration. As I've mentioned before I think I prefer a cluster of candles on each table instead of flowers. 

Images (L-R - Top) Both Martha Stewart, (Bottom) - Both Dusk

And among those candles I plan to have a few table scatters of either little crystals....

Image via Ebay

And maybe a few of these little butterflies too. I don't want heaps of the crystals and butterflies just a few scattered around the candles.

Image via Ebay

There is still so much to plan so I need to keep on going and make the most of my days off. Plus I need to do plenty of cleaning and organising.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

Image found via Weekend Host 

P.S I wish Jason and I could have a winter picnic but have to work all weekend again. 


Andhari said...

Happy anniversary! Those are some seriously pretty centerpieces :)

Ps. Cupcake tower instead of wedding cake is such a great idea!

julialow said...

Awww happy and blessed four years! :)) How wonderful!

Oh gosh, I'd love to have a cupcake tower! Sure beats cake any day. And I do love your idea of making candles as your centre piece, instead of the usual flowers. Plus, the crystals a butterflies! Lovely touch. I'm getting sooo excited! Oh, will January swing by already? ;) (btw, 24th of January is a day before my birthday! haha a useless fun fact, but thought it was fun nonetheless! hee hee)

Anonymous said...

looks like you are going to have an elegant wedding!!!! wonderful! and happy 4 yrs to you and jason! me and ramel celebrate our 6th anniversary in a couple weeks... we've been together for 7.5!


megan and melissa said...

I love the picture of the picnic...Congratulations on four years! Hope you have a fun celevration.

Artifax said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I love your ideas for the candles with crystals and butterflies. You are so good with coming up with the greatest wedding ideas. Have you ever thought of becoming a professional wedding consultant? You have such a great artistic eye and would just awesome at it!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love using crystals on tablescapes!

Bonnie- amour amour said...

Happy 4 year anniversary! Beautiful ideas- my centrepieces were candelabras with only a couple of small flowers in little vases.

paula said...

candles, so pretty. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your love.

Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations on all your happy news you have been posting lately. Weddings and family celebrations are a great excuse for you to use all your creative talents.