Friday, 15 January 2010

Questions Answered Part 2

Hey everyone! Thanks again for all your lovely comments. Today's post will be part 2. * Warned it will be long.

Oh before I do that though, I have to mention that yesterday at my last day at work until the wedding my work mates from my area gave me a wedding present and card. It was really sweet and thoughtful! They all gathered around me while they presented the gift and said a few words. I was so touched because it was completely unexpected. And they chose a gift from our gift registry. Although that was easy since we registered at my workplace anyway :)

~KS said...

I might have joined your blog too late, and perhaps you already shared this... but how did you and Jason meet?

Our first photo together at uni.

* Ok, I will start with how we met. Jason and I actually met on the train for the first time while going to university. We were studying on the same campus. But it wasn't really as random as that, he was sitting with a friend of mine Thara who I went to school with. They were in the same course together. It's funny though because I saw Jason on the bus going into the city to catch the train to uni.

For the first year of our friendship, we just talked a lot. He started giving me lifts into uni and there's a lot of time to talk. Plus, I was going through a break up and he was just so refreshing and he was a great listener. We started dating a year and half into our friendship and I think that helped because we spent so much time getting to know each other it was almost a flawless transition. One of my proudest moments was when he became a Christian before we started dating. It was his decision because he wanted to not because I forced him.

Jason's university graduation 2007. Ignore my vacant expression.

Andhari said...

Alright, I got a question :(

What's the sweetest gesture Jason has ever done that makes you totally believe he loves you?:)

I'm prepared to be blown away and get all gushy :D

* Haha, it won't be too gushy because I'm not into anything too sweet. I think the sweetest gesture Jason has ever done is his proposal :) But besides that I think just waiting for me. He waited over a year for me to even feel ready for another relationship but he was so patient. I could have decided I didn't want us to start going out at all. He was also the most understanding guy ever. I used to talk to him and cry to him about my break up and he would never criticise or tell me to get over it. And he had every right to. I think it's the little things he does that makes me believe that he loves me. lol told you it wasn't super mushy :p

Oh I do remember friend told me that he used to go to sleep thinking about me and get up thinking about me. Before we dated. I do remember a few more things that are kind of mushy but he will think it makes him look like such a pansy haaa. I might tell you all next time. P.S. He did give me a promise ring for when we first started dating.

We match when we watch sports. This was at the cricket (a sport I was never interested in but Jason got me to go to some games....I don't mind it now)

Little Miss Tiara said...

Ahh... girlie! I'm so nervous! It's only two weeks away! :D

let's see... I'm in need of a right dose of romance right now, so tell me...

what did it feels like when you finally know "ah, this is him!" the one you'll spend the rest of your life with? :D

see, I'm good at asking such a sappy question! ahaha

*this daisy said...

Gracie! 14 days!!! :D :D :D
Okay my question is, HOW did you know that Jason was THE ONE? (: almost similar to little miss tiara's question. we're all curious, i'm sure! (: Love is amazing. But how do you know this is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Since nobody's perfect. How do you know when to stop looking?

Fee-AMore said...

Wow i am totally enjoying the questions being asked right here! That "aha" moment is something i would like to know too.

I love this photo. He will be a fantastic dad one day. Btw Caeleb does not need a dummy he was 'pretending' to be a baby.

* These 3 comments are all similar and kind of asking the same thing. I can't say I'm an expert at knowing because I think there are different things that let you know. For me personally, I know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him because I could just not imagine living without him. Even before we started going out I knew his was different and there was something special about him that I hadn't ever experience before. He paid attention to me. He used to make me little photo shop pictures for all sorts of reasons.

One I remember was him sending me a *Big Mac* because I was craving one. He basically took a picture off the Internet and made a little photo shop picture for me. He wrote me a poem :) another time. He knew really random facts (well he remembered if I mentioned them) about me. For example he knew I loved sunrises and he knew I liked to moon gaze. This was all before we started going out.

I guess, in the end I knew that he was the one I wanted to spend me life with because he knew me. He remembered the little things about me which seem so unimportant but made me feel so special. We're absolute best friends and I can't really describe what I knew in my heart, my gut feeling that he is the one I wanted to one day marry. I had never met someone who made me feel so beautiful, special and loved. (besides parents, friends, God of course) So really, I think it's different for everyone and that was just my little story.

Mara said...

You're probably written about it before...but how did he propose? I love those stories!

* Ahh yes, proposal. I have written about this before but I can write about it again :) A lot of you may have missed it actually. This is the long version of it. But I will write about it now.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon before Easter. I remember I had work and I got changed before I went to Jason's house because we were going to an Easter service at our church that night.

Basically, he had an afternoon tea/pre dinner set up for me. It was Turkish bread with dip and some wine. He even had single red rose and some candles set up. While we ate I wasn't really suspicious, but he was drinking his wine quite fast.

Afterwards he gave me this vintagey case and inside there were all these little vintage items with a note corresponding to each item. I had to look at each one in a certain order and read the note that accompanied the item. It started off cute then each item and note started getting more meaningful. The last item was a vintage camera film roll box and I thought it was great. But then he took the lid off and inside was my ring!! He then got down on one knee and proposed.

I had to turn it B&W because my face was red from crying and surprise etc. And the ring slid to the side too. Sigh

I was so shocked because I guess I was expecting it not right then! It was really, sweet, sentimental, thoughtful and I loved it! It was completely perfect for me.

You know I never listed what the notes said or the items. So I thought I would do that now. In order in which I read each note.

1. A stapler - For your love of stationery
2. Scissors & string - For the love of craft you have
3. Pencils - For the designer inside of you
4. Doll - For your love of everything cute
5. Book - For your love of reading
6. Watch - To show all the time we have spent and will spend together
7. Cassette Tapes - For all the music we will hear together
8. Utensils - For all the meals we will share together
9. Travel Book - For when we travel the world together
10. Cigarette case - To show we are the perfect match
11. Glasses - For our aged eyes when we grow old together
12. Photo and frame - To capture all the great memories we will share
13. Bible - To show how truly blessed I am to have found you
14. Film - To start our journey of life together

He really is the most amazing person and I'm so, so excited to be married to him in 9 days!! And thank you for your absolutely fabulous and lovely comments. I hope you make it through this post because it's so long!

P.S. I hope it kind of answers your questions.


Karen said...

I just read your engagement story and it's so sweet! :D

Caroline said...


I tagged you for something on my blog... hint it involves more questions or something of that sort!! Any who... hope all is well lovely lovely lady!! xo

Kristen said...

This is awesome.... and I love how you met, and how he proposed... and all of it!! You two are very much the cutest couple ever and I am so, so happy for you!!!

Andhari said...

That's still gushy, Gracie, in a sweet way. Reading it makes me wanna drool, especially when I read about the proposal. Ok where can I find my future husband now? I'm thinking someone super hot, over 6 feet, looking like they belong in ad campaign of Dolce&Gabbana, sensitive, sweet, sexy, mature...

I have no shame being this superficial.:p

Anonymous said...

OMG Gracie!!!! I'm in class right now (yes I'm not paying attention) and I almost started tearing when I read the proposal!!! That's ADORABLE. I am SO happy for you to have found someone that's so sweet to you, so caring and so in love with you! And of course, someone you love too. :) I can't believe you're getting married SO soon. I started following your blog after you guys were engaged and I guess I never really realized when you were getting married!!! I'm SO excited for you!!! This is like.... my first BLOG wedding!!! :p AHH! I just want to squeeze you!!!
Congrats! :)


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

So amazing...I love all the photos for sure! Your life with him in pics :) And how great of your co-workers to do something so special for you. It's getting real real close now!

_ffyona said...

Sweet sweet sweet! 9 more days my dear! Eeeps!

Sara said...

I loved reading your answers honestly!

Honey Bee said...

omG this is sooo sweet!
Especially the part where he waited for you ..i think that's the perfect way to know what he really felt!

alexandria leigh said...

love this post! your story is so wonderful! congrats again! the countdown is really on!! xo

Caro said...

You just made me cry :)

Cassie said...

Thank you for sharing all those heartfelt answers! I have tears in my eyes too and so glad to read its not just me!
As I write this it must be just a week until the big day Gracie - how so very, very exciting.
Would love to know what your plans for this week are, if you get minute xx

julialow said...

Oh, Gracie! What a wonderful, wonderful post. I read every single word because your love story is just so captivating. I'm just so happy for you! I'm overwhelmed by how sweet you and Jason are together, and so glad that you two will be married in one week! How blessed it is! The proposal was ever so lovely. Time flies.

Congratulations once again, Gracie. You are beautiful! x

p/s: i've left you a little award at my place.

julialow said...

p/p/s: it's such a blessing to marry your best friend. to have someone love you and make you feel special like Jason does you, it's simply beautiful. i'm so happy for you and jason! again and again i will say it.

Lisa said...

aww Gracie thats such a lovely post and such nice photos.

The one of Jason and Caleb is soooo cute xx

You make such a gorgeous couple xx

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

OMG, that photo of your honey and the munchkin. Sooooooo cute!

Llama said...

How incredibly sweet! It made me cry! ADORABLE!!

Yelena said...

such lovely stories and memories.. you two make an adorable couple.. i couldn't be happier for you! :)

Anonymous said...

That was just adorable. You two are so lucky. :)