Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a New Year

First photo of 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!! Jason and I had a quiet night. With dinner and some wine. I had work for the last 6 days so I wasn't up for a big night.

But wow! 2010! That means in 24 days it will be our wedding day! This month we get married. OHhhh my gosh! It's extremely exciting yet so very scary. Soon there will be many changes.

Today I've tried to start cleaning my room and packing up. I'm really wanting to be more organised for our new place. And I'd love to have a creativity room/office type of space.

I have to more organised as my bedroom now is so messy. Here are a few pictures from today....My attempts at cleaning.

This is my desk where I create, blog, write and read. The pile on the left is mail and packages. My in box tray is overflowing.

I got one of those long Ikea work desks. It would be better if it wasn't so messy.

The floor and desk was so much messier. This is reasonably cleaner than it was this morning. Those piles of magazines are wedding mags.

At our place we definitely want to keep things a lot more organised. So I need to try and sort things out and keep it neat when we move our things in. I would love to have a workspace that looked like this....

I would love for it to look as organised as this.

Seen Via Decor8 via Turquoise

This place would make me happy.

I wanted to get a little writing desk for the lounge room.

Always wanted a proper writing desk with places for stationery.

I really love the shelf for storage. And the white with pops of colour.

So simple.

For awhile I was contemplating on getting a glass desk from Ikea. So I can change what goes underneath the glass to keep on inspiring.

I like that this would fit in a corner. Lots of space.

I hope it does looks something like this.

Maybe I can work towards having a creative space/office similar to one of these.

My posts from now until the wedding will mainly revolve around organising, wedding plans and 25th birthday ideas. So I hope you will enjoy! 23 Days!


Sara said...

I would love to have a study!! Or a writing desk at least! BOTH would be perfect!

Happy new year!

Sirpa said...

I found your fascinating blog when I just saw your comment in Bianca's Goodnight Little Spoon blog!
Happy New Year to you!

Andhari said...

Those are awesome rooms. My room looks like a bomb has exploded in it :p

Anyhoo, I'm so excited for your wedding and of course I wanna read all about it. You'll be a very pretty bride :)

Caro said...

I don't even have a desk lol I use the corner of Darren's desk to put my laptop. But he needs to organize himself, he is so messy.

Happy new year!

Kristen said...



Happy New Year, by the way :)
And an organized space makes me quite happy as well.. I can't wait to have a little office at home someday I can decorate and keep clean!!

Mod and Mint said...

Sweetheart, have a very happy New Year! We already know it will be filled with fun adventures for you and your love, hope all your dreams will come true and it will be wonderful!

guess i need to go and organize my desk now. ;)

Pretty Zesty said...

Good luck in making your space more organized! Happy New Year!

Anne. said...

Such lovely and inspiring photos! Also, I really love the little bunting you've created on top of your desk. <3

Happy New Year! And an early congrats for your wedding! This must be an exciting time for the both of you. :]

alexandria leigh said...

I absolutely love your design area! i love the gadget where you have pictures hanging from, and the picture boxes for organization...I also love love, all the pictures of other creative areas too! i wish my spaces looked like those!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Very exciting! So many things to look forward to in the year ahead (especially this month, which is good planning on your part, as January does tend to be a bit bleak...)

Happy New Year!

PS: I aspire to have a beautiful, and beautifully organized, workspace too. The photos you shared are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

yayyy for your wedding this month!!! what a great start to your 2010! :) I wish my work space could look as organized as those photos you shared. It's usually organized for a few hours until i have to work again. hahaha! ;P

thegirlhassparke said...

Happy New Year!
wow only 24 days how exciting!
I am definately inspired by these pics to redo my office I think it needs a bit more life bought into it!

Caroline said...

How exciting for you!! I was married Sept 5, 2008 and it feels like yesterday. I had so many wedding mags... I loved going through every page. Can't wait to read more about your adventure!! Happy New Year!! xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I have wallpaper envy. SIGH. I'm dying for a proper creative space. I'm thinking of carving out a corner in our family room! Happy new year!

julialow said...

Blessed New Year, Gracie! Wedding, wedding, wedding! :D :D Hehe. I love the wallpaper in the photos. I hope to use wallpaper for my home in the future.

Hope you're well! x

_ffyona said...

I totally love all these lovely rooms, wouldn't wanna leave my house then haha!

Happy 2010 sweetie! Counting down to the BIG day!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Yea! You're so so close now! I will also be packing up and trying to get organized for the move into Mr Fix It's place in just a couple crazy. I love a lot of those pics you shared...such great ideas. Try to relax and enjoy these next few weeks! :)

Miss Laura said...

Oh Gracie, you are going to be such a good wifey, I love your ideas and thoughts and style... perfect. And I can't wait for next Christmas to see your white Christmas tree! Xxx

Yelena said...

wow..your wedding is almost here! good luck with all the last minute details! :) i do hope everything falls right into place with no big unexpected surprises! ;)
and you found some amazing office spaces..they're all so clean and :) wish my desk looked like that. i have to admit, most days, my desk space looks a lot like yours does right now! lol. i do hope to become a little more cleaner and organized in 2010, but well see! :)

Nicole Marie said...

happy new year and yay for your wedding!!

Honey Bee said...

Oh my God! Your wedding is in a MONTH!
That's sooo exciting. I can't wait to read all about it!! :) Have you chosen a dress as yet?
Btw you know the way you're gushing about all the photos of the workplaces you found? Well, I'm the same way about yours. Granted, it's messy but it's still soo cute. There's an element of a personal touch to it, and that's what I love at workplaces!

Anastasia said...

happy new year sweet girl!
i want to organise my crafty room and make it a place i want to go to and not somewhere I dread going as I cant find anything?! ughhh!
paper gets messy thats for sure!