Monday, 28 June 2010

Finders Keepers

This weekend I went to the Finders Keepers market with my lovely Laura. It was absolutely fantastic! It was really busy in the morning but we could still look at most of the stalls. I have some pictures that I took but I used one of Laura's fancy SLR cameras so I can't get the photos just yet.
It was great being allowed to take photos of everything. So we looked at stalls, bought things, listened to some live music (we watched Hello Yoko....loved them) while eating German sausages :) and just hanging out. It was such a wonderful day.

Here are photos of my purchases. I would have bought so much more but I had to control myself.

These are just a few of the business cards I collected. I love seeing how creative they make their business cards. And the way they display their items.

I ended up buying the new Frankie magazine at their stall. And I got this tiny badge too. Apparently they were selling toffees too but we missed out on that.

I got this from the Leeloo stall. They are scratchie cards. That little silver charm in the top right hand corner is to reveal a picture.

This sort of shows what picture will be revealed when scratched.

I just loved this card. It's from We Are Messengers. This was the last one and Laura and I both wanted it but she let me get it :) But the lovely ladies from this company gave her a discount to buy one online.

This is from Bespoke Press. I bought my tabletop letterpress from them last year :)

This print is a collaboration between Bespoke and Kristal Melson. I've seen this print before I and I adore it.

I just thought this was sweet. It's hard because I wanted to buy more for me and to give as gifts for friends.

I thought these little fabric earrings were really cute. They are from Brooke Johnston.

These sweet things are from LooseLeaf Paper. Laura and I really loved their items. It was a mixture of fabric and paper, photography and other little bits.

I thought these little heart pillows were sweet. There were these mixed fabric/paper brooches that I wished I bought now.

This little journal has a G stitched into the cover. The had all the letters. And this is what it said inside :) It was definitely one of my favourite shops.

And this is the lot. Oh I really can't wait until the next one in November. It's perfect timing for Christmas gifts.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


ohjoana said...

So many lovely things!!

I wished to find here the Frankie magazine. I use to go to the website and it looks such a fascinating and creative magazine! Never saw it around here... :/

Much love dear,

(I'm working now :))

Caro said...

What a fun event!

Alyssa said...

wow you got so many beautiful pieces!

i still have all the business cards i collected from last finders keepers, they are just too pretty to throw out!

Alely said...

wow, what a fun event to have gone to! looks like you had a great time! i've posted a little giveaway on my blog post today along with a bloggy friend (small burst) meet up come by and take a peek! have a loveLee day!

Koree said...

hey, beautiful! i tagged you on my blog for a fun question/answer game. let me know if you decide to play along! :)

OneCraftyFox said...

So many wonderful things!! I love the "G is for gorgeous" :)

_ffyona said...

Wow, there's loads of things Gracie. I bet i wouldn't exert good control management if i'm there. ;)

And you just reminded me i need to grab Frankie soon too!

And i hope you're feeling better too!

Cassie said...

What great finds! Sounds like my ideal day, mooching around handmade stalls - such fun.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What fabulous goodies you found. J'adore those little button earrings!

J. said...

I collect business cards too! haha better keep those in a safe place :)

Great finds!

Kristie said...

Sweetness! i hope they have something like this in Indonesia.
and the earrings....

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

Thankyou for popping by! Hope you enjoy all your new goodies :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww what lovely things you got!! i would love to go to an event like that sometime!

and yea, we're totally trying to plan an australia trip for december/january!! the tickets are kinda pricey though boo!!!

Lisa said...

aww beautiful things xx

Miles Of Style said...

such pretty little things!

those business cards seem so lovely!


Sweets and Hearts said...

thanks for the sweet comment! and i'm so happy the skirt got to you safely ^_^ i saw the feedback on etsy and it's one of the nicest ones anyone has ever written for me, so thanks!

i love all the things you got! they're all so pretty--i would've wanted to get those too. i've heard so many good things about frankie magazine. i wish they had it around here. i get so bored with the ones i see all the time. :P


ohjoana said...

Thank you for your comment dear. I'd love to get a Frankie magazine, but it is your choice if you want to send me, I'm not a beggar, I feel shy begging :) one thing I'm sure I'm definitely jealous about it *ah ah* I saw in the website it is very indie, creative, full of amazing things that was what claimed my attention.

Take your time to write me, through your post I see that you are busy and what happened to your relative.. It's okay.

The same for me about my first swap. I was buying beautiful and funny things but still thinking "is this good enough?" I was thinking that other people could send a lot of better things and I got things i didn't like so much. I could like if they were at least new :/ So I'm more afraid to get into journal swaps, I would love, but I'm pretty sure I'd like what I would get. So I swap lists and letters sometimes, until I make five swaps and then will be me creating swaps :D

Much love,

Unknown said...

Oh, beautiful stuff! I love it, you found such wonderful little treasures! Thank you for sharing with us, G is definitely for Gorgeous! XO!

Unknown said...

Aww look at all the cute stuff you got. That heart pillow is darling. :)

Elle Sees said...

i freaking love creative stuff!!

paula said...

so much goodness. especially love the typewriter card.

Sierra said...

What darling items, I especially like the heart and earrings!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Jealous! I had ever plan of going to this, but then I had to go on call for work :( I got a call over the weekend, which means I get paid 4 extra hours this pay ... but still! I would've preferred to go to the markets. Oh well, I'll just have to go next time!

Love the G notebook. How adorable!

x Jasmine