Friday, 4 June 2010

Mail Catch up

Hello lovelies! I have a few catch up posts to do but I thought I should start with mail because there are a few things I should have shared a long time ago. I want to say thank you for your thoughts and comments about my last post :)

I had a few big days (and early starts and late finishes) at work and I'm so happy to be able to sit here on the lounge and relax. Although I have to work all weekend :(

Anyway, onto the mail....

Incoming (most of it is...I've been a bit slack on the mail front sorry girlies)

A Postcrossing postcard

My package from Jozen.

I was one of the winners of her giveaway from awhile back. So this picture is long overdue. This necklace is beautiful and unique. Plus she added a sweet hairclip. Beautiful!

A letter from Belen. I love all the stamps and the way she wrote my name and address.

Inside the letter. Love everything! And a little Hermione postcard. She's one of my fave characters :)

I received this from my brother Alvin and Melly his new wife. A postcard from Paris and they added a little bookmark because they know I love to read :) Love them!


I was a little late in sending Elaine my mixed cd's for Tiffany's mixed cd swap. So I made a few to make up for my lateness.

This is more mixed cd's to Jamila. This was for Julia and Bree's mixed cd swap. I was in a rush and didn't really get to take photos of the cd's themselves.

A letter to Megan. Which I still need to send!! Eeep I'm so late with that.

I'm sure there were more but I can't seem to find photos. I'm sorry I've been so slack. I've been slack in so many areas of my life right now and I need to start organising myself.

And I needed to show my pens I bought better. All colourful and different. The Smiggle ones are mixed with gel, glitter, pastel and metallic mini pens. This will be fun to use I'm sure.

So now I must organise my life and everything I have to do or nothing will ever get done. Argh! I annoy myself so much sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend! x


Melody said...

I'm sorry to see that my letter hasn't reached you... I sent it quite some time ago.

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

It is great that the art of letter writing is not lost after all! How refreshing!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Have a great weekend, Gracie. Love those pens and all the lovely mail you've got coming and going. Real mail is just the greatest!

Unknown said...

Love this so much! I love the idea of mail, and I really love the CD exchange, I love finding new music! XO!

Staley Mc said...

How fun! I love getting mail! Love the necklace you won! Have a great weekend!

OneCraftyFox said...

Girl, you send and receive more mail than anyone I know! lol.

So fantastic, I love getting mail :)

Iva Messy said...

so sweet!! Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!

Ebony Arwen said...

Pretty pretty pens! Thanks for sharing another pic of them. And that is a heck of a lot of mail. How awesome is Belen's package? Gee. I love seeing girls I know sending mail to eachother. "Hey I know Megan" sort of thing :D

Maybe one day I'll join in. Haha.
Hope you're having a super weekend!

Lauren Nicole said...

look at all that gorgeous mail! <3 that long postcrossing postcard though, so amazing...there are no words. i wish i got so lucky in that little program, haha. so glad to have found another sweet blog! :]
- L

becca said...

Ahh, new mail is so fun! How did you get so many friends to send you packages in the mail? That looks onderful!

Kellie Collis said...

Its raining and pouring letters! Hope you have had a fabulous weekend xxx

Lisa said...

So much mail, you are popular xx

muchlove said...

that necklace is so gorgeous. Lucky you!

Have a great week :)

a girl with a smile said...

This is amazing!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I received some mail the other day - an electricity bill! :D I wish my friends would send me mail instead of sending me an email saying, "Thanks for the mail".

What did you use to cover the CDs for your mixed CD swap? I love them!

I'm looking forward to starting our journal swap (no pressure, whenever you have a free moment!). I bought the journal I'm going to use the other day!

x Jasmine

Anonymous said...

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