Monday, 14 June 2010

The long weekend

I was going to write a bit about the how exciting the World Cup has been but it's too depressing at the moment. Jason and I woke up early this morning, 4:30am to watch Australia play Germany. It was utter misery. I could not watch after we were getting absolutely smashed by them. And it didn't help that the ref 'missed' a hand ball and gave a red card (uncalled for) to our best striker, who is not able to play in the next game because of it.

So moving on before I get all upset about it again. So sorry but I really do love my soccer.

This weekend was a long weekend which I just love (even though I got up early to watch the horrible game then had to work for a few hours after, but sorry this will be last mention of it).

On the Saturday, Jason and I went to the Lifelife bookfest. That was great. I bought a few old school looking books as well as some books I used to love when I was in primary school.

The books I got. Jason bought a few too. Those Teen Power books were among my favourites in primary school. As was Nancy Drew books and Enid Blyton's St Clare's series (and Malory Towers etc.)

I love these old hard cover books. Even better when they have an inscription inside. I was going to buy a few more (in the unpriced section...books for about 50 cents) and use the covers to remake into journals. Sigh I wish I did now but I was starving by this time.

We then went to Southbank which is a beautiful place to go. There are walkways, cafes, markets, a man made beach etc. A wonderful place to spend the weekend. We had fish and chips and ate in the sun to warm up. Southbank was only a few minutes walk from the bookfest.

It really was such a beautiful day!

This is part of Southbank Parklands. I remember when they first planted those purple flower plants back when I was at school. They have grown so much. I also went to school very close to here. We used to go running up the purple plants for cross country.

For dessert we had Coldrock choc mint ice cream. Yum!

On Sunday after church, Jason and I had our usual breakfast at the Coffee Club. I generally get a gourmet beef burger and cappuccino whilst Jason always gets a BLT sandwich and cappuccino.

And this was me today before work (after horrific game). This is generally my uniform. It has to be black and white. I wear skirts or pants.

All in all it's been a great long weekend and I look forward to having more adventures with Jason. We are trying to see more places around our city and go exploring.


thegirlhassparke said...

Augh the football was awful, Brendan turned it off after the third goal.
The Bookfair sounds fun, I love secondhand books.
I love the shirt you wore to work, I love ruffles.

Sara said...

I know how it feels!! I am not sure if you've heard about what happened between Egypt and Algeria in Sudan- bu thtey're losing anyway

Amie McCracken said...

Hate to hear about it from your side. The Germans were going crazy late into the night. Wouldn't stop honking their horns!

So funny that you have Coldrock ice cream. We have Coldstone in the states, same exact thing.

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww southbank really looks like a lovely place to visit, and that ice cream sounds delicious! i'm not that much of a soccer fan but sorry you weren't happy with the result! =(

Cornflakes and Honey said...

I know, such a disappointing result!! The BF was serious cut that they lost by so many goals, who'd have thought?

Love the books, looks like you had a fun day! :-)

size too small said...

i know- i watched that game and i was so sad! i was cheering for you guys!

Caro said...

You are cute in your 'uniform'

Unknown said...

Oh, you look so cute! Sounds like a fabulous weekend, food and books, you just can't go wrong with that! XO!

ohjoana said...

Portuguese team keep giving us hope, we know we can do a great work, but it is needed that all work together, sometimes looks like the work is all in the back of Cristiano Ronaldo, like if he was the whole team and not part of it.

There are pretty good books there. I was out this weekend too and I bought some, I specialist in finding great book with cheap prices. I feel so much happier when I get new books, do you feel the same?

Much love dearest Gracie *


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I haven't been watching the football. Would you believe my British husband has no interest in it? Hope things improve for your team soon!

Love your stack of books. I could use books to decorate my house quite happily!

Oh, and you have great taste in ice cream. Chocolate chip mint is my favourite!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is quite a fabulous haul lady! Now I wanna go book shopping too!

Lasso the Moon said...

I love old books, too. You got some beauties!
Gorgeous post.

Anastasia said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! the bookfair would have been cool to visit - i love old books too!! the soccer has been depressing so far for me too haha

Anonymous said...

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Alely said...

looks like you have a very loveLee weekend and love the outfit on you!

Miles Of Style said...

sounds like a great weekend minusing the football. those books make me sooo nostalgic! nancy i used to love her!


Jess said...

Aww what a lovely weekend. I love Enid Blyton too. I'm sorry about the Australia/Germany game! We have three German's in our office who were very happy though. I'm definitely hoping New Zealand does better tonight!

William Street Store said...

I am so glad you spoke of the soccer too!! Now I can vent about it. What wasss itt??!!! The umpires were just horrible and I really hope they only keep tim cahill out of one game and not two. And i hope we win the next game (i definitely will watch this one!) I am proud of you for getting up and staying to watch it, your a much better australian than i am!!

Your long weekend looked so perfect! I love buying tonnes of books and yours look so gorgeous!
Have a fabulous week darling.

Fingers crossed for the next match!! xxx

OneCraftyFox said...

Your meal looks delicious and your blouse is so pretty!

Sorry about soccer, but I was cheering for my home-country. Don't hate me... lol!

I love hardcover books. Even with newer books I purchase, I remove the plastic sleeve because I like the way the natural cover looks :)

_ffyona said...

I know, that match was quite a disappointment! I love the ruffles on your work outfit!

D e g a i n e said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, nice photo's and nice blog!


Punctuation Mark said...

nice to find someone around here whose also enjoying of the world cup... sorry about australia and hope they do much better on the remaining matches... have fun!

Lauren Nicole said...

this post was WONDERFUL! i love the whole documentation of your weekend, so awesome. :] everything sounded so neat and fun; esp that park! wow, so, so gorgeous! all the photos are lovely too. :] and now i wish i could go to 'the coffee club' really bad! oh my it sounds and looks AMAZING. i'm adding it to my list of places to go whenever i wind up visiting australia. darn it, why isn't there a 'coffee club' in the states?! haha <3 <3
- L

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I can't believe I missed the LifeLine Bookfest! :(

I loved Malory Towers as a kid!

x Jasmine