Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A fairytale journal

I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing problems with blogger and comments. It's pretty annoying and I'm thinking of changing to something else. We'll see.

Well I thought I would share some pages from the Swap-bot fairytale journal I made. I won't show every page because that would be way to many pictures, plus a lot of them are fairly similar. Maybe I will add them to my flickr (I have so many photos I need to add there).

This is the front cover of the journal. I bought a cute little carriage charm.

It was so fat when it was done.

Pretty much the first page. That's one of my Polyvore sets that I have shared before.

I made some envelopes and put some pretty paper inside.

I printed out some of the fairytale stories that I loved.

More little envelopes. This has tiny cards with a castle on it inside.

A Snow White page.

I bought a few bits from Etsy. This ACEO is from Darkling Woods etsy shop.

This Little Red Riding Hood art postcard is from Matilou Etsy.

I got this Red Riding Hood button/bookmark from Buttonsbylulu madeit shop.

Just a Thumbelina movie quote and picture.

I got this little fairytale from Papier Mache magazine. It's a little download story I bought.

And the ending. I had a fairytale paper pack. I just stamped the Happily Ever After.

So basically I filled it up with pictures, quotes, little gifts and gave my opinions on some of the fairytales. It was a fun swap! I'm really loving these journals swaps. They're more effort but fun (especially if you get one that is lovely back).

Anyway, I'm going back to doing my to do and thinking about moving my blog somewhere else. Have a great rest of week.


thegirlhassparke said...

I hope this comment works!
I love, love that journal it is gorgeous, your partner will love it so much, they are very lucky.

J. said...

agreed - the comments are so frusturating! But hopefully it gets sorted out soon.

That journal is amazing! It is so pretty and looks professional!

Staley Mc said...

How fun! This looks so pretty!

littletiara said...

so very gorgeous! :D I think you'll be my competitor in 'fairytale loving contest' hahaha... xD the most I did was make a thesis out of it, haha, but not a journal! I think you won, you love it by the heart, woow... haha

and I love the little hiding things, like the castle card isnide that cute little envelope... wow... !

Claire Kiefer said...

Amazing! Your partner is the luckiest of all! It's so clear that you took so much time and put so much love into it . . . she's gonna love it. :)

Belen said...

I LOVE the print on the envelopes you made! My scrapbooking shops here don't always provide the prettiest. And when they do, they're MUCH too expensive. :(

As for the comment thing, I haven't experienced anything bad myself. Then again, I haven't been around much lately. What's been going on?

Silver Strands said...

Looks like a whole LOT of work, but oh-so-darling Gracie!

Sara said...

beautiful!!! Honestly, this is so very beautiful!

Miles Of Style said...

this is sooo creative and beautiful...i wanna see every single page of this gorgeous journal now!


Cassie said...

Blogger is my biggest source of frustration online most days! I am still working with it in Internet Explorer just so that it is more cooperative rather than in Chrome which I normally work in!

Anyway rant over, I love your journal and you must have put in a lot of time and thought to make it so pretty.

OneCraftyFox said...

It look amazing!! You put so much thought into this and it totally paid off. I love the idea of a journal swap, it really sounds like a lot of fun :)

Alyssa said...

Oh Gracie! Your journal looks amazing. whoever you sent it to was very very lucky :)

Unknown said...

You did SUCH a good job! I would want to keep it for myself, you are really generous! XO!

Chelsea said...

wow. that is truly impressive. looks so pretty!

and flowers pick themselves said...

how lovely! i'm so inspired.


xo Alison

Joyti said...

Your journal is really, really beautiful! It looks like a book, one I'd buy for sure.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

What a great journal! It's getting me excited to do ours :)

What's been going on with comments? I haven't had any trouble ... yet *touches wood*

x Jasmine

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Oh no what happened with comments?? Am I missing something :( Sometimes blogger does funny things. I thing of moving to WordPress too but it makes me nervous!! Keep me posted. And in other news your book is gorgeous!! Wow you're giving it away?! Amazing! Whoever gets it is so lucky! xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You are so very creative lady! Consider Wordpress sweets. We're lovin' it!

p.s. Thank you SO much for joining our Rosebud network. Don't forget to show your pretty bloggy face over at la blog! We're linking one of you nearly every day and featuring one of you every week and we're really hoping to drum up lots of support for our network members! Big hugs!

Sheri, RN said...

I haven't been having any real issues with blogger, hopefully it stays that way.

BEAUTIFUL fairytale journal!

~April~ said...

What a beautiful book!! But what else would I expect from you?! ;) Hope you're having a great week!