Monday, 26 July 2010


Aww you guys are so lovely. Thanks for your comments. We had a great weekend! We watched Inception on Friday night and loved it!! How I love you Leo and I think I have a new crush on Joseph Gordan Levitt.

On Saturday, the 6 month anniversary we had a really lazy day. But we had dinner with Jason's mum, brother, his brother's gf and some friends. We then went off to watch Australia play South Africa in the Rugby Union Tri nations tournament (also includes New Zealand). We won. Yay! Though I don't really watch Rugby union so I didn't know all the rules.

Here's an action shot, as some of you may not be be familiar with rugby. We had really great seats. Australia is yellow and green.

I even wore a yellow cardigan to get into the spirit. The best bit is the atmosphere, the worst bit is trying to get out and catching the bus home.

And because it's Monday, it's a bit of randomness, I thought I would include my journal collection for the moment.

The red 365 Kikki.K journal I finally started on our 6 month wedding anniversary so I hope I can keep it up for a year; The black spiral is an organising notebook (based on the Paper Flow book); the tree spiral notebook is my list of books I'm reading and movies I've watched.

On the second row: The aqua journal is my list of books, movies, music I want to read, watch, download - just a place to list it all; the butterfly one is my new current personal journal; the black Moleskine is for all my creative ideas and craftiness; the one with big flowers is for all the creative endeavours I want to try, classes I want to take with details and wish lists and the last one is for the organising/decorating our home.

I thought I had no collections for anything but now I see that I have a journal/notebook collection. I think one day I will gather them all up and get a photo. I love them so much! (Though I prefer blank pages but lined pages always seem to be more dominant in shops).

A question for you though, do you prefer lined or blank journals???

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I have a collection of journals that I've been writing in since I was 13 years old (which is 23 years ago now! yikes!) I love to read back through them- they instantly transport me to that point in my life.

I definitely prefer lined. I like things neat and tidy!

Happy Monday, dear Gracie.

J. said...

I was just gushing over Leo today! I can't wait to see Inception!

Sweets and Hearts said...

great journal collection! i have a bunch too. i used to fill them with doodles, but now i mostly write. i prefer lined ones because my writing is a little messy.

ahh i want to see inception so bad!


Lacey in the City said...

Just found your blog and am excited to be following! Reading this post, I just pulled my journal out and wrote a full entry before I managed to get back to the computer to comment to you :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! Cute journals. I'm jealous. =)

Sandy a la Mode said...

i saw inception over the weekend as well and it was just AMAZING!!! the movie was soo deep and leo was awesome!

you have quite the lovely collection of journals hun, love the butterfly one!!

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh I love all your journals, thanks for sharing. I think it depends what your using them for, but I usually prefer lined.
I am glad that you had a wonderful celebration for your 6months. I really want to see inception.

Unknown said...

inception was different but good.. it got me thinking..
don't know much about rugby but it seems similar to american football, no?
journels, i buy them and forget to write in them. when i use them though, I prefer lined. Happy Monday.

Katyha said...

Your journal collection is so lovely. I love collecting notebooks sometimes and initially start them off with 'one' aim but they end up full of what music to download, what movies to watch, scribbles, wishlists etc. It ends up a real mess. You are so organised!

Anonymous said...

We saw Inception on Sunday and went to a Crew game (soccer) on Saturday. Similar weekends! hehe

It was a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Cute little journals! I am the same way, my hubby has to tell me what's going on in any sporting event! XO!

Sirpa said...

Your journals are lovely!
I also like all kind of journals very much, and I definitely prefer blank ones!
- I'm happy I got you as a follower of my blog; and I like your blog very very much!

its simple love said...

Awe happy 6 months! You both look happy!


Cassie said...

I looked out for you at the rugby and told my husband you were there - sadly didn't see you on the English coverage though :(

I am more of a lined fan myself when it comes to notebooks.

Wishing you a great week. xx

Lauren Nicole said...

wow! i wish i could be that well organized and journal well. i've NEVER been able to journal, no matter how many times i've tried, it's just an odd thing i've never done right. despite people saying the keri smith journals are for people with no imagination, i def. need things like that to keep my mind flowing when writing and such. so you're totally awesome for being able to keep up journaling! lists i could maybe do...

definitely prefer blank; it stinks that most shops DO only have lined. :/

<3 <3
- L

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love your collection of notebooks! i have a bit of a notebook obsession. i usually go for lined, but do have a few blank ones.

xo Alison

Joyti said...

The journals are so cute :)
I don't understand rugby at all (being American I guess)...but I will say that your lemon-yellow cardigan is adorable.

_ffyona said...

Weird as it seems, i write neater with blank journal. I know, weird! ;)

paula said...

wow you have a lot of journals:) Looks like you had a great weekend.

Koree said...

i like both. i guess it just depends on what mood i'm in! this post REALLY makes me want to start sorting out all my thoughts by using different journals. thanks for the inspiration!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

we drove past all the buses lined up along Milton Road ready to take people home from the game. There was so many of them!

LOVE the journals! I'm in the middle of organising my desk, so I might post a photo of all of mine when I'm done.

I think I mostly own lined journals, but I prefer unlined because it allows for more creativity :)

x Jasmine

Alely said...

love the journals and i think everyone has seen the movie inceptions but me and the mister!