Friday, 30 July 2010

Swap thoughts

Thanks for the swap interest. I've been gathering my thoughts and have some details for you. I won't open the swap yet but you can leave a comment here of your interest if you would like.

This is the information so you can think about it. I'll try and have a swap button ready for next week as well. I've got two swap ideas and either I can have both of them and you decide which one you prefer or just have one of the swaps for everyone.

So far the details are...

Swap: A few of my favourite things

Basically you put together a swap package of your favourite things. It's up to you what you would like to can be books, movies, music, stationery, beauty products, food etc. If you are interested in adding a book I will try and match you up with someone who also wants to add a favourite book. Just let me know when you sign up.

A just because you're lovely swap

This one basically centres around your swap partner. You will send a sweet package that you think they will like. This swap will require a profile to be filled out.

Sign ups: Wednesday 4th August - Wednesday 18th August

You have two weeks to sign up. You can gather ideas on what you want to swap.

Oh and be aware that I live in Australia so the 18th here is most likely the 17th in USA, UK etc. Anyone on the other side of the world.

Partners Assigned: Monday 23rd August

I should be emailing you the details about who your partner is on this day.

Swap to be sent out: Wednesday 8th September

I know it's a pretty long swap but I needed to give about 2 weeks for each part because life can get busy and so you have plenty of time to think about your package and put it together. And I know there are a few people who are interested and prefer September.

These dates maybe not be definite yet. I would love to get to some feedback from those who would like to participate. If the dates are really bad, I can change them.

Cost: I say around $15-$20.

It can be more but you could decide that with your partner if you would like. * Plus Postage would be extra of course

Other details: Let me know if you prefer to swap within your country (although it all depends on who participates so I will try and match you with someone who also wants to swap within their country).

It would be really great if you could package it up all lovely too :) Who doesn't like to receive pretty packages??

Also just a note, please only sign up if you know that you are able to commit to the swap. I would hate for anyone to miss out. I done swaps where I don't receive anything and it can be the biggest let down.

And to make it easy, whoever you send to will be sending back to you.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. You can always email me ( if you have any questions. Remember to let me know in the comments if you are wanting to swap so I can at least start a list on who is interested.

If there is anything you would like to add let me know.

Thanks for being interested :) Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. I tried to make this look more interesting with colours :)


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

YES! Count me in. I am sooooo interested :D

I like both of those ideas. I like the idea of sending someone some lovely things that you like and hopefully they can learn more about you through those things. And I also like the idea of sending someone something special that you know they will like! I want to do both! :D


x Jasmine

PS. Let me know when you want to start on our journal swap too. We can start thinking of prompts etc :)

Alely said...

yay! this will be my first swap ever! i've always wanted to do one so count me in! i like both ideas but prefer the 2nd!

Katyha said...

Gracie I am definately in. I like the second idea the best but don't mind if the majority prefer the first.

thegirlhassparke said...

I got your letter today and it made my day :-)Cant wait to write back!
I love both swap ideas but I think I would like to participate in the 22nd one as its differnt to most of the other swaps I have done.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

swaps are awesome. go for it.

jozen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE swaps!!!!

Sandra said...

I am soo in no matter which one you choose to do!
Both ideas sound awesome! :)

I'm already getting ideas. :)

Bree Anna said...

Still opting for the first! And count me innnnnn. I'll be at Taiwan by then :L)

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh wow, both ideas are fantastic!! I think either would work. Count me in :)

Have a great weekend!

Belen said...


At first, I preferred swapping inside of the US, but seeing as your stretching this swap out, I'll be able to save enough money to send outside of the country! :D

green tea and red nails said...

i am definately interested!

have a fabulous sunny weekend :) KEL

mina ♥ said...

aww this is such a cute and awesome idea! I hope yo all have fun :)

J. said...

This is an awesome idea! I just found out I'll be going out of town a lot for work, so hopefully I'll be home around that time to participate :)

Unknown said...

A swap sounds fun and since I have yet to participate in one, I am in. Either swap is fine with me. Have a great weekend.

Kellie Collis said...

What a beautiful idea Gracie! x

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Did you catch our post on Friday doll? You won something!

Sweets and Hearts said...

this sounds like a lot of fun! i haven't really done anything like this before.

i'm definitely interested in signing up! <3 <3 <3

Lauren Nicole said...

i am interested, but will sign up for sure between those two weeks(gotta make sure those funds are there, haha). but it sounds lovely and i haven't done a swap in a while, so yay! hehe
- L

Claire Kiefer said...

Yay! I definitely want to participate and am already excited. :)

ClaireLines said...

I really like the idea of my favourite things. That way your swap partner will get to know a little bit about you, and maybe gets a chance to read a book they wouldn't normally read, or try out some new things. :) I'm so excited!