Monday, 5 July 2010

Just a Minute in...July

Via Tumblr

I can't believe we are in July! The scary thing is at work Christmas stock will be coming out in September!

And thanks again for all your comments. I love my city and think it's just lovely :) The weather is usually amazing too.

Anyway, Just a minute....

Watching... Eclipse, Toy Story 3 (I hope) and who knows what else during the month

Reading... The Red Pyramid, assorted magazines and again who knows what else I will read later on

Writing... A huge To Do list. It lists absolutely everything I have to do and catch up on because I really want to break out of this procrastination cycle.

Looking... For a new job still. I'm kind of picky and of course I never find what I want

Hoping... That I will break out of my procrastination and be more organised with my life

Wishing... It was warmer

Praying... For direction with my life

Thinking... About what gets me excited, about my purpose on this earth.

I've been doing a lot of pondering and thinking lately. I feel like I've lived 25 years and haven't achieved all that much. So now I'm wanting to contribute more and do more for others. It's a big journalling topic for me at the moment.

Anyway, I haven't shared what I received from Europe from my brother Alvin and new sister in law Melly.

This is everything. The pretty earrings are from Vienna, the sweet notepad is from Italy and there is a sugar pack from Laduree in Paris. Melly knew I would just love something from that place :)

A close up of the earrings and sugar.

And this sweet dress is from Singapore. Melly wore it a few times but gifted it to me!! Yay! I really like it. The back has this pretty cut out bow.
And this is them at such beautiful chateau in France.

I really am so glad that they are back! It's so good to be able to just see them (as they are living with mum and dad for the moment) but will be moving back to the Sunshine Coast :( Melly keeps telling us to move there too, which would be lovely but I'm sure we will be staying in Brisbane.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


J. said...

That is so cool! Those earrings are so pretty :)

And, I seriously can't believe it is July either - this summer is just flying by!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Hope you have a wonderful week too!

Loved your list, and those earrings are just lovely.

I'm Sydney. said...

I really love that dress! And the Just a Minute post idea! Very cute! Mind if I use it on my blog in the future?

Caro said...

25, your life has just started and it's started great!

and flowers pick themselves said...

great post, dear. have a lovely day!

xo Alison

its simple love said...

Saw Eclipse! And loved it. The best one of the series so far. I really want to see Toy Story 3 soon! I heard it's adorable.


Barbara von Enger said...

How sweet and healthy theyy look together. I love that pretty little dress and the earrings. Indeed, it is already July. Life is swanning by unusually fast;-)
Have a nice Tuesday and enjoy the rest of the week. xox

Sweets and Hearts said...

ahhh the year is going
by so fast!

hope this month is
amazing for you!! i've been
pretty picky with my job search
too but ahh well. good luck!

and ohhhh my god i saw
your hunger games mockingjay
countdown thing on the side,
and can i just say that i am
SO EXCITED for it?? it's the
book release i'm looking forward
to the most this year. :D


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm certain that you've achieved more than you think you have!

ClaireLines said...

Hey Gracie! Finally had some time to catch up on blogs, I missed reading your updates! :) What goregous things Melly and Alvin bought back from Europe for you! The dress is so you. I hope your job searching is fulfilling! When I had a browse recently on seek and stuff, I was surprised by the broadness of the areas I was interested in. Usually I would've stuck with retail and probably books or fashion, but by expanding my expectations of my own capacity, I was able to consider things outside the box, and I felt so much better about my options. Hope the same happens for you! You have achieved so much in your life (that I know of), including a degree, a huge amount of reading (I think that's an awesome achievement :p) and you make a lot of people happy through your blogs and your pen pal swaps! :)

Hopefully see you again soon!


Cassie said...

What gorgeous gifts you got from their travels!

Love your minute in posts Gracie! I too cannot believe where the year has gone so far and I am already receiving Autumn/Winter catalogues here in England, even though we really are only starting summer - crazy!

Hope July is a great month for you!


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I'm not ready for Christmas stock to hit the stores just yet - my bank account hasn't recovered from last year!

Love the presents your brother and your enw sister-in-law bought you! How lucky of them to be able to go to such amazing places for their honeymoon!

I like the idea of photographing the parklands. We don't have to start straight away, but I vote for Southbank as our first place!

x Jasmine