Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blog Award catch up

I have a few awards some of them from awhile ago that I haven't mentioned. Still not part 2 for the engagement party post. Work has been a bit hellish and I have a to do list that is pages long. I've sort of lost my voice from tiredness and some stress (I think) and it's hard working in retail without a voice. Anyway, these awards make me happy =) Thanks lovely ladies.

I got this award from the sweet, sweet Julia of This Daisy. This award is for blogs that have attitude and gratitude. So I will give this one too.... Nicole, Sara, Claire, Ellia, Paula, and Always a Bridesmaid.

The wonderful Lisa of The Brunette Girly Girl gave me this award. Here are a few blogs I love. So I pass this award to...Kristen, Bonnie, Kellie, Megan and Melissa, Laura.

This one is from the lovely Always a bridesmaid, finally a bride (yay fellow bride to be). Ok since this is a Meme award I have to reveal 7 things about myself. And tag 7 others.
1. I wear glasses but I'm always wearing contacts. I've had glasses since I was 8.

2. I love all types of veggies except I don't really like pumpkin (unless it's soup or bread) or sweet potato.

3. I got my right leg/knee stuck under a swing when I was 7 and even now it feels different to my left knee.

4. I can understand Tagalog (Filipino main language) but I can't really speak it or read it.

5. I've never broken a bone before but I did sprain my thumb while playing touch football in high school PE.

6. I'm absolutely obsessed with stationery. I love going into stores, browsing blogs and websites. I just love it!

7. I was a 'witness' to an armed robbery at the local convenience store. The police saw me sitting at the bus stop and asked if I saw a guy running past me and I did. They told me he had held up the store and they asked the usual questions about what he looked like etc. I had to do one of those face recognition things (I can't remember the correct term) at the police station. The weird thing is the guy who held up the store smiled and said 'how's it goin' to me as he walked past before it happened. To appear normal??

And I tag and award Lisa, Caro, Andhari, Julia, Heather, Danni, Amanda.

I got this one from the gorgeous Kristen of While We're Waiting. So with this award I have to tell 10 tidbits about myself (your going to be sick of facts about me lol).

1. I adore fairy lights. I've bought a few types and really want to string some up in my room. I know my future house will have a few different sets strung up.

2. I was home when a guys broke into our house a few years back. I screamed when I saw him walk past me. The thing is I had a weird feeling that there was someone else in the house so in a way I almost anticipated him. But it was weeks before I could stay home alone.

3. I've always wanted a four poster bed with the light, gauzy curtain all around (strung with fairy lights of course).

4. I love pretty things and can be quite girly, but I'm also a bit of a fantasy/sci-fi nerd. I love Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Star Wars etc.

5. I wanted to start a collection so I thought post cards would be good. This is why I joined Postcrossing.

6. I absolutely looovveeee to receive mail and write letters. There is nothing better than after a long day at work and finding a letter or a package waiting for me.

7. I have a really weird thing for Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. I sort of used to have a crush on him back in his Titanic and Romeo and Juliet days but got over it. But when I watched Blood Diamond...I loved him in that movie and I adored his accent. Love South African accents.

8. I threw out my journals from age 12 to 19 after I went on some rampage to get rid of them. I'm regretting my decision now because they were full of so many memories. I'm especially sad about my high school memories.

9. Even since I was in year 10 (15 years old) I wanted to become a PE teacher. And then I finally got into the course at uni and decided my passion had changed.

10. Jason and I took a salsa dance classes for about 10 weeks. I needed to choose some type of physical activity for one of my uni courses. It was great fun! Would love to do it again.

I award Cassie (a new blog friend), Nicole, Laura, Kristin, Nicole Marie.

And this is my most recent award from the beautiful Nicole of My Teacups in Peony. To see the rules for the Superior Scribbler award check out these posts. Here and here.

I award these fantastic scribblers. Julia, Kerri, Andhari, Kristen, Claire.

Thanks for all the love and support my gorgeous girls. I truly appreciate you all and I'm so glad for this blog world. I hope you made it through this post.

Sigh, I just love the look of fairy lights. The have this ethereal glow and just look so pretty. Sorry I clumped all the awards in one. I would have liked to give each one and each beautiful blog friend more recognition. Thank you ever so much!


Bonnie- amour amour said...

Thank you for my lovely award, you are too sweet.
On the other hand, I am more than a little concerned about your history with crime ;) You witness both a break-in and a robber on the run! Scary!!
Bonnie xxx
P.S Not long now! You must be getting so excited!

paula said...

yeah! thank you so much. I love your blog too:)

nicole mountz said...

you deserve all the awards out there lady :) thanks for the sweet shout out and the awards, you're the best!
i can't believe you were a witness to a robery, that's so crazy. josh and i were convinced we found a robber and we actually followed him to a local grocery store. looong story haah but the guy looked so sketchy so we followed him a block and he had his hood pulled up above his head and went into the store. we literally stood there thinking omg should we call the cops. while he was walking into the store he put an envelope on a random car in the parking lot. he came out of the store 10 m inutes later and backed his car all the way out of the parking lot, we think it was to avoid us seeing his liscense plate. not 5 minutes later a jeep pulled up and took the envelope off the random car. it still makes me wonder what was going on to this day!

Shannon said...

Aww thanks for the award lady!

Witnessing a break-in is one of my biggest fears. I'm always double checking to make sure the doors are locked. Scary stuff! Glad you made it thru okay.

julialow said...

Thank you so much for the award, Gracie! :) You're just so full of all things lovely, you're such a sweetheart! Yes, I made it through the end! It was a very interesting post and I'm glad you posted it 'cos now we know a little more about our lovely Gracie. And wow, being a witness of a robbery must've been pretty cool! (in a very twisted, perhaps scary way) Especially since the police needed your help to describe that man, etc. Praise God for bringing you through all those robberies and theft A-okay! I wonder though, what happened after the guy walked past you in your house and you screamed?

Cassie said...

Thank you Gracie, for this lovely award, even though I am barely a few posts in! You deserve the many you have achieved and I look forward reading the posts that will earn you many more xx

Andhari said...

Thanks for the awards, Gracie, how lovely of you!

Anyhoo, I so know what you mean by Leo in Blood Diamonds, such a good movie and he's PURRFECT in it :)

Sara said...

Aw thank you! I loved reading all the things about you!

:D thank you, again for the award!!

. said...

Yay for all of these awards!! Congrats!

Kristen said...

Oh my!! You have made my day..... you have no idea!!! Oh I am squealing with utter delight!! And I love that you love fairy lights... aren't they magical? And I cannot believe you witnessed an armed robbery AND were home when your house was broken into. Our house was robbed when I was in 6th grade (we weren't home), and to this day, I am still a little unsettled about being home alone. Wow...
Thank you again... happy, happy day to you my lovely dear!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on all the awards! :)
I love the fairy lights... something about it that is so warm, cozy and dreamy!

Caro said...

YAY! My first blog award ever :)
Thank you so much.

Sara said...

please email me your email, lovely :) s.saye7 [at] gmail [dot] com

megan and melissa said...

Thank you so much for the award...it always nice to know that people are actually reading our blog! I love meeting new people through the blogging world. Thanks again and hope you are havin a good day!

Gracie said...

Thanks so much for all the congrats and comments.
@ Bonnie - I know it's kind of scary how much crime I've experienced already ;)
@ Paula - Thank you! I adore your blog.
@ Nicole - Eeep! Intriguing! I wonder what he was doing. Definitely a good story though
@ SG - I always lock the door with a key now and make sure everything is locked up when I'm upstairs in the house!
@ Julia - Thanks Julia! I know I thank God that they guy who broke in wasn't armed. After I screamed at him he bolted out of the house and went running down the street. When I said I felt as though something was wrong I was about to call my mum just to talk...I had just dialed and got the reception when he walked past and I screamed. So Teagan the girl on the phone heard it.
@ Cassie - No problem at all. Your blog is lovely and I'm glad we have found each others.
@ Andhari - lol Blood Diamond is one of my fave movies. He's absolutely scrumptious in it =p
@ Sara - Thanks! And I emailed you.
@ Lily G - Thanks so much!
@ KS - Eee! I'm so glad! Yeh a break in is a very scary thing and it does take awhile to get over such things. And yes fairy lights are completely magical!
@ Bunnie - Oh yes fairy lights are the best!
@ Caro - No problem! I'm sure there will be more to come!
@ Megan and Melissa - I also love meeting people through the blog world. Friends you may not normally meet otherwise.

Thanks again everyone!! Your the bestest! x

Kellie Collis said...

THank you lovely Gracie! x

Anastasia said...

so lovely to read more about you!!! you know i love stationery and paper goods as much as you - i was hoping to buy and stock in NYC but not many scrapbooking shops around - they did have highend paper good shops though so bought some things!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow, how lucky are we? So touched that you thought of our little blog! Thank you for your sweet words about my wedding. You're the best!

Amanda K said...

Congrats on all your awards!!

Nicole Marie said...

thanks girlie! and look at all those awards! you'll have to put them on your mantle :)

Lisa said...

aww thanks Gracie thats so sweet xx

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You have an award at our blog lady. : )

Anonymous said...

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