Monday, 21 September 2009

Engagement Party Part 1

Me getting the decorations that I wanted to add ready. In my outfit but not the beautiful shoes I bought that day.

I have to do a post about the lovely dinner Jason and I had with Laura and her hubby Josh. It was the night before the party. And my Narnia adventures.

This is part 1 of our Engagement party. Our engagement party on Saturday night was fantastic! I already had the biggest week and it felt like I hadn't had a day off yet. I spent the day doing lots of last minute things like making the thank you gift/favours and just trying to remember all the details. It got to the point that I didn't really feel like the party at first.

I don't have heaps of photos at this moment just a few from Laura, some from my sis in law, and a few I took. I still need to get my dad's copies and other brother's copies.

All photos by Laura from here.....

This shows how small I am even with massive heels on.

Me and Thara (one of my bridesmaids).

Me and Kristina, another bridesmaid. Don't know what happened to my hair.

Me and Laura, another bridesmaid. And actually in front of a camera for once. I adored her dress.

A close up of my butterfly deco.

They had these really pretty pillars and I had so much fun decorating them.

A close up of my pillar decorating. This was near the end of the night hence the melted candle.

Jase and I cutting our cakes. My name was spelt wrong on mine =( There was only one N instead of two (my full name is Gracienne - it's a french name apparently). It's a Filipino sponge cake. It's really yummy and light. Too bad about the name and what's with the face I'm pulling?

Caeleb posing properly. He brought his Nintendo DS.

My sis in law (another bridesmaid, matron of honour) and Isaiah and Caeleb. I can't believe they posed.

My oldest brother Rolf and Cael conked out.

There are more pictures to come. They are just some of Laura's. She did a fabulous job. She made me some prints too.

It was such a lovely night. I tried to circulate and talk to as many people as I could but it can be so hard. I barely took any photos myself. Besides the cake cutting and a few speeches we didn't have any other formal things. By the end of the night I was so tired but so happy with how it all went.

There may be a few posts about this night. I hope you enjoy. Any questions and I'll answer them =)


Caro said...

How tall is you boyfriend?
Why two cakes?
Gracienne in french doesn't sound right, I don't now anyone of this name and I am a pure french girl. Stick to Gracie I love it.
Cant wait for more pics and that wedding:)

Gracie said...

Jason is 6'2" and I'm only 5'2". So big difference. We had two cakes mainly because the cake maker suggested it and I think it turned out well.
I don't think the name Gracienne is very common so it's not surprising that you don't know anyone of that name =) I don't really mind the sound of it in french.

Lisa said...

Oh wow what gorgeous pics you look gorgeous as always and I love your dress its stunning. I agree Laura's dress is lovely too and you and her are so pretty.
What a beautiful name Gracienne.
I love the cakes too it looks like such a great party. xx

ClaireLines said...

It was such a lovely night, Gracie! The cake was amazing. ;) Oh, and so were your shoes. You deserve a round of applause for staying in them the entire night!! It was really nice to get dressed up with everyone for a night and celebrate with you guys! :) Also, you did a beautiful job with the decorations and the room. Was all wonderful!xo

Caro said...

I know how you feel. Me and Darren have the same heights issues, he's almost 6'7 and i am 5'7.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You looked so incredible lady!! I'm so glad that you had a lovely time. : )

megan and melissa said... looks like you had a lovely night. Hope you had a good Monday.

Kristen said...

Your dress is gorgeous... as always, you looked radiant!! And your butterfly decorations are so pretty!!! Love them!

Artifax said...

Couldn't wait to run over here and see the photos :D Oh, what a lovely party you had! You two look so cute :)

I like the idea of two cakes for an engagement party. So sorry about the name thing. Your name is unique (and super lovely!) but still, the cake decorator should have caught that.

Can't wait for more pics :)

Cassie said...

Congratulations Gracie!
I have only just discovered your blog and already I feel privileged to be able to share this momentous event with you.
It all looked absolutely stunning.
Cassie xx

julialow said...

Gracie, you looked incredibly beautiful, as per usual! :) See that you chose that dress in the end - wonderful pick! Haha I'm only 5'3", so you're not alone. Oooh, misspelled name, how annoying! :( I'd have been really upset. But I'm glad you had a wonderful night! Congrats once again, lovebug!

Kellie Collis said...

Looks like fabulous fun!

Sara said...

You look beautiful!!
AH! do you have an Ube cake recipe?

Mummerina said...

You looked gorgeous. And did a great job of decorating.

Yelena said...

such gorgeous photos!
you look so happy and beautiful!
looks like an amazing evening!
thanks for sharing!! :)

Jan-Peter said...

Hey Gracienne! Congratulations! And thanks for sharing pictures and impressions! Look like you had a lot of fun and a great party!

Don't worry about the name. You have a nice name, and it makes you special. And I'm quite sure it's French!
It's the same with Jan-Peter, so many people make the spelling wrong, but I'm still happy with it, because it's such a special name. :)

Anastasia said...

awww you both look gorgeous - i love your dress! you look SO happy....awww Im happy for you!
did you get lots of gorgeous gifts?!

Amanda K said...

You look so pretty! Looks like a amazing party!

I love your name - Gracienne or Gracie. =)