Friday, 25 September 2009

Not part 2

I was hoping to have part 2 for the Engagement party but I haven't quite organised all the photos yet. It's been so busy with work, organising and just everyday life. I have so much to catch up on.

Yesterday after a nice 5 hour shift at work (I say nice because most of my shifts are over 8 hours so 5 is great in comparison) I went into the city to get my wedding dress! And to try it on. I took a photo of the dress in it's protection bag but you can sort of see through and I still don't want Jason to see it.

So because I haven't got any engagement party pics I thought I would share some inspiring Max Wagner pictures.

I think this is beautiful. I would love to incorporate wish tickets with the wedding.

I adore the hair clip.

Love the balloon.

I just love pretty umbrellas.

I thought this was very clever.

So pretty. I'm not a huge fan of ferries wheels but I like photos of them.

Image by Laura

This was our gift table and Wishing Well. I added the fairy lights and a few candles. The cupcake stand had the chocolate favours for the guests.

On the list now......

* Wedding invitations and other stationery
* Bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits
* Centre pieces and other decorations
* Transport
* Hotel

They are on the list for now. I still have a lot more to organise though. Still have to write the thank you cards for the engagement and just catch up on things. All I want to do is read and watch Alias on my one day off. Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


. said...

These pictures are fabulous!

Caro said...

Even if it's a crazy time of your life right now, enjoy every minute of it, you get married only once ;)

Andhari said...

Awww our busy blushing bride, look at you :) hope you get at least a few hours of rest this weekend with Alias on tv :D I think it's cool you have a wishing well on your wedding, I haven't seen a lot of those lately.

Cassie said...

I love these photo's. Take your time over the preparations, try not to get stressed over it because all to soon its over and you should look back at the getting ready as exciting as the wedding too! I now look back and remember fondly all the handmade things I did for my wedding and the excitement of sorting everything out. It's a very special time. xx

nicole mountz said...

ok, so i'm not allowing myself to come to your blog anymore because it makes me want to get married so abd! ;) haha but i always love your photos and i cannot wait to hear more about this wedding. the hair clip is beautiful too! have a great weekend love :)

Kristen said...

Gracie.... these pictures are so beautiful!!!! Love them all!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love love love number 3!!

julialow said...

Oooh yes, pretty umbrellas and carousels are magnificent! I know how you feel - whenever life gets too hectic I just want to curl up in front of the tv and pop in my favourite series into the dvd player and just watch for hours. haha. But, Caro is right, enjoy every minute of your busy-ness, it's gonna be so worth it! And don't forget to just kick back sometimes and enjoy the whole process and journey. Have a happy weekend, sweetie! <3

p/s: looks like we have one more thing in common - our love for fairy lights! heehee. ;)

julialow said...

**i meant parasols, not carousels. my bad! :)

Lisa said...

Lovely pictures that hair slide is gorgeous.

I can imagine your wedding dress will be stunning.xx

Sara said...

I keep thinking I commented on that post and it turns out I haven't. I have looked at it about...ten times! LOL I love all the inspiration triggers!

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous pictures!! x

nicole mountz said...

hey lady, i left you an award on my blog!

Sara said...

can you send me your email? I need to tell you something!