Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just a minute in...September

Image from Flickr

Hey lovelies! It's now 4 months, 2 weeks until our wedding. And our engagement party is next weekend! Eeee!!

Joining... PostCrossing, An unofficial Hunger Games forum

Wanting... To join the Letter Writers Alliance, to receive more mail, to buy more Moleskines

Creating... Some little bridesmaid booklets

Trying... To figure out decorations for the engagement party (votive candles, paper butterflies, pictures in frames and paper pom poms)

Writing... A letter to the lovely Julia, to my Compassion sponsor child, in my journal

Reading... Catching Fire again, assorted bridal magazines

Watching... Alias season 3, Gilmore Girls Season 1, assorted YouTube videos

Feeling... A bit jumpy (?), excited, emotional

Needing... To stop procrastinating and to start being more pro active with my goals

Wishing... The 3rd book in the Hunger Games is out (sigh have to wait a whole year), we had a pool

Dreaming... Of decorating my own home, buying some furniture

Hoping... The Hunger Games trilogy will become popular but not fan girl screaming popular (ugh! completely put me off Twilight especially because I fell in love with the series way before all the hype but it's been tainted by it and I don't think I will ever like it the same way again)

Image from Flickr

I want to see this movie and I would love to go camping like that for a day.


Andhari said...

Yayyyyy soon you'll be a brideeee :) 4 months is not long. I'm excited for you.

Ps. I love Gilmore Girls too!

Sara said...

I am so happy and excited for you!! <3

Caro said...

Those 4 months are gonna fly by, soon you will be pregnant. :)

julialow said...

Oh man, I totally get you about the whole fan-girl-hysteria hype you're talking about. I hate it when something I love becomes overly hyped 'cos, as you said, it will only taint it.

Yayy! Wedding in four months and counting! I am so excited for youuuu! And I can't wait to receive your letter, love! :D You are sooo lovely.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Thanks for reminding me. I need to buy some moleskines too. So exciting that the big day is so close!

Amanda K said...

Sounds like it's going to be a very exciting and memorable few months for you!

oh, hello friend. said...

oooh just love this post! :)

so great to catch up on what youre up to friend!

xo. danni

Nicole Marie said...

so exciting! its coming so soon!

Artifax said...

Hi there! Only 4 more months! And just a few days to the engagement party. WOW.... how exciting!!!!!

Oh, you are going to like Gilmore Girls. Have you seen any of it before? I love Lorelei's style of decorating :)

And what a beautiful ballet pic! Funny, I was just looking at the most beautiful ballet blog and thinking how nice it would be to go the ballet again. Ballet Shoes is a really cute movie! Have you read the book? It's good!

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