Sunday, 6 December 2009

Catch Up

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. We are probably going to rent for about 6 months first and take our time with looking for a place. Jase and I are both having mini freak outs. It's strange seeing him stressed because he is usually so laid back.

I have a small catch up. A few weeks ago it was my brother Alvin's engagement party. It was such a beautiful place but it rained so they had to move it inside. There were marquees set up in the's a shame it rained but it cooled down the terribly hot weather.

Image by Laura

My bro Alvin and his fiance Melly. They're a fantastic couple.

Image by Laura

Melly and me. The deck area is lovely and the house even more beautiful!

My beautiful Laura and me.

My brother made the wishing well. I think he did a fantastic job! My oldest brother was making coffees. He has a coffee van business and the coffees for the guests was his present to Alvin and Melly.

I just thought this light tree was pretty.

The house they had the engagement at was massive! This mirror was just before the bathroom. Such a gorgeous house.

And I won a giveaway from Kristen of While We're Waiting!!

It's the first one I've ever won. I'm getting these 3 Christmas cd's! Yay!

I still have plenty of things to catch up on. Packages, letters, cards, cleaning, and a ton of wedding things. I'm seriously going crazy. Only 7 weeks to go!!

Have a wonderful week!!


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures as ever I love your outfit too xx

Cassie said...

I love your outfit - you look stunning Gracie!
I adore that mirror too - just wish I had a wall big/high enough to have one like that.
Glad to hear you are finding solutions regarding the house situation - it will all work out for you both in the end. xx

Andhari said...

Is your brother's fiancee by any chance part Indonesian, Gracie? She kinda has that indo feature on her face lol she's pretty. So are you, btw. Love your whole ensembles :)

Btw you WILL find an adorable home, Gracie. I'm sure of it. It just takes time.:)

Kristen said...

I'm still so happy you won!!
And those pictures from the engagement party are amazing... looks like you had a wonderful time!! So glad!!

_ffyona said...

You look so lovely Gracie! Glad you had an amazing time!

I hope within that 6 months time, you are gonna find THE HOUSE soon!

And whee, congrats on your giveaway win! So lucky!

I never had such luck, lol.


thegirlhassparke said...

Oh it looked liked a lovely engagement party. You looked beautiful! Congrats on the win x

Micaela said...

CONGRATS to your brother! GORGEOUS you, and super sweet photographs of lovely little moments captured.

7 weeks... wow, it's almost here!!!! :)

julialow said...

Awww Alvin and Melly look so adorable! (: Love your hair, Gracie! xx

littletiara said...

Aww... pretty couple and I love that lightning tree! That's beautiful! ;D

Honey Bee said...

What amazing decor!
You look gorgeous btw.

Sara said...

beautiful pictures and ladies!! I think your brother found himself a very beautiful lady!

Gina said...

You are very smart to take your time. We are in same process as you are right now, so I know what you are going through! Hang in there. You look gorgeous by the way : )

Anonymous said...
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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

It's getting SO close. Yay! And you look just lovely in those photos!

Yelena said...

that first photo is simply stunning!!! look gorgeous! looks like a lovely party! :)