Monday, 14 December 2009

Wedding ideas, ideas, ideas!

Hello lovelies! The closer it gets to Christmas the more I start thinking about wedding everything! I'm not getting into Christmas the same way I normally do. But next out!

I just wanted to mention that my Jason participated in a mini triathlon yesterday! I couldn't be there because of church and work but I'm so proud of him. He does way more exercise and physical activity than me nowadays.

Here are a few images that are inspiring my wedding decoration plans. Even though I would like the wedding theme to be elegant and pretty I really want to add a touch of whimsy and little pops of colour. My main colours were white and silver but my bridesmaids are very colourful in pale pink, lilac and aqua blue.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Considering I have a great love for mail this would be absolutely perfect! It could be the guestbook. You write a little note and leave it in one of the slots.

Image via Style Me Pretty

This is an alternate version to the normal photo booth, a kissing booth! Though it will still just be a photo booth for us.

Image via Style Me Pretty

I adore this table spread. The chandeliers, the colourful bunting, the lolly jars. Instead of a lolly (ok candy we call them lollies here) buffet, I thought we could have a dish/bowl of lollies (maybe Kisses) and have them at each table and make them a part of the centrepieces?

Image via Style me Pretty

Again with my love for mail, this stood out to me. Writing a little note and popping them into the tiny mailbox. This could be another alternative to a guestbook.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Another idea I love was this Wishing Tree. Again another alternative guest book idea. Then it could be displayed for awhile in our future home, if we decided to use this idea.

Image via Ruffled Blog

The jars of lollies which could be put onto each table. Or there could be a scattering around the guest book table/Wishing Well/gift table. The colourful lollies could give the decorations a nice bit of colour.

Image via Ruffled Blog

Another great example of a Wishing Tree. I like the thought of using pretty patterned papers for the guests to write their wishes/thoughts etc.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Another idea which I adore. I was thinking they could be displayed with the centre pieces or to decorate the guest book table etc. For awhile I thinking of popping them on sticks and putting them in a small vase as alternative to flowers since I'm not having them for centre pieces.

This is an invitation and I think it's brilliant! This would be perfect for displays or it could be an idea for a program (might be a bit time consuming and more costly for that though). As an avid reader this is just gorgeous.

Image via SWS Mag

The personalised matchbooks would be a lovely add on if we decide to have sparklers. And I know we will definitely have lots of photo frames scattered all over the place.

Image via SWS Mag

As a butterfly lover, this is precious. When I saw them on the branches I wanted to have branches in a vase as a centre piece with butterflies adorning them. Or the beautiful lantern with the butterflies and mirror. I thought we could have a mini lantern with votive or tea lights inside and a butterfly attached to the handle and the mirror would be a lovely extra touch.

Image via SWS Mag

The whole photo shoot was so beautiful. This is more for future inspiration for my birthday or just a girls day.

Well those are just some ideas running through my head. It's getting close to Christmas so I should have a few more Christmas posts before I go all out on everything wedding. Let me know if you like the ideas?? Or have your own suggestions.

And tonight we are looking at another townhouse! Plus we are going to try and do our registry and pick up our rings (it better be right this time). And maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping which we are so behind on. We'll see how much we can get done.

Have a wonderful week!!


thegirlhassparke said...

Oh Gracie all those ideas are so lovely. I love the idea of having some sort of mailbox for the guests to put well wishes into. Also having the photo frames will add such a nice personal touch. I think you are going to have a beautiful wedding indeed! x
Ps am off to the bookstore now to read Where the wild things are - great idea thanks!

Kristen said...

First of all... congrats to Jason on his mini triatholon! Oh wow! That is amazing!

I love ALL of these ideas... so, I know you love mail. What if you got some fun stationary and had it set out near each place setting and thenasked each guest to write a little letter to you and Jason; their feelings about you on your wedding day, their hopes and dreams for you, a litle love note... anything. Then, you could have a beautiful mailbox that they could drop them in. Pick one of your bridesmaid you trust, and have her collect the letters out of the mailbox at the end of the night. Have her save them for a year, and mail them to you next year around your 1 year anniversary. Wouldn't it be fun to read what everyone had to say on your wedding? I think it would be fun...

Caro said...

I love the butterflies! I think it would fit your personality so much.
Beautiful, soft and delicate.

Laura Marie said...

OBSESSED with the last picture! it's all lovely but the clock? just absolutely perfect... dying... and so excited for you with all these wonderful ideas! :)

Anastasia said...

beautiful ideas - cant wait to see what you come up with!!
Congrats to Jason, i feel so unfit lately haha!

bowsnhearts said...

Wow...everything looks so sweet and pretty!!!

I wish I know how to do decorations like that! Probably another life time...haha!

alexandria leigh said...

first of all let me say that those ideas are so pretty!

love the lighting idea, probably difficult to pull off especially if your venue is outside!

love the mail box idea, and the wishing tree!(especially if you wanted to add pops of color with decorative tags and paper)

what kinds of flowers do you want? i would def. say look at hydrangeas...they come in lots of colors! <3

nicole mountz said...

gracie your wedding is going to be GORGEOUS. how many times i can tell you that i really don't know but it's going to be one of my favorite... josh and jason sound like they'd be friends:) athlete boys and all. have a great week lady, hope work runs smooth! xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Looooooooove the banner! Fingers crossed that you'll like the townhouse!

_ffyona said...

I really like the idea of the photo booth, i mean kissing booth. It's cute and fun!

And good luck for the townhouse sweetie!

Remember, breath!

littletiara said...

ahahaha... I love those ideas! Especially the kissing booth and the tree :) those are inspirational, maybe I can use it on my wedding, years later, hehehe

Cassie said...

I am absolutely in love with Style Me Pretty (you can probably tell from my Tumblr page!), even though I have no wedding to plan!
I love the mail slots so much and could use it not just for a wedding but a christening, advent calendar - possibilities are endless...
Good luck with the house hunting once again. Well done to Jason - wow! And I don't blame you for not 'getting into' Christmas this year - I don't know how you are organising everything with the wedding/Christmas/work hours xx

Sara said...

look at all those amazing ideas! I especially love the first guestbook alternative! But I also love the wishing tree...the invitation is lovely!

A friend of my cousin's had her invitation in a large lolly pop- now that's whimsical!

FEDERICA said...

So many beautiful and inspiring photos in this post!
Happy new week!

Andhari said...

I love the table! And the wishing three. Kudos to Jason for doing triathlon. Wow. I cringe imagining myself doing that, i will be totally sucks. Big time. Haha.

Yelena said...

i lovee all of those ideas!
good luck chooosing one of those for the guest book!! :) all of them are so cute and unique!
your wedding sounds like it's going to be absolutely lovely!! :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Me, too! I am totally not myself this year when it comes to Christmas...just too much wedding on the brain lately. But I was thinking next year I'll go all out on Christmas, too. I absolutely love the shot of the tablescape with the chandeliers. I wonder how they hung them? You have some great inspiration here!

NeverEverEmma said...

Wow Gracie you can just tell how lovely your wedding is going to be! Such lovely ideas and a really solid "look" that you have chosen. I can't wait to see the result on the Big Day!

Kellie Collis said...

I so adore the details here. so pretty and stylish. x

Unknown said...

Gracie, you have great ideas and some really inspirational photos there too. I can't wait to see what your wedding day will look like - I bet it will look magical!
I absolutely adore the last photo - it makes me want to get all the girls together. I LOVE the table spread - so chic!And the pigeon hole shelf idea is awesome! Eek, I love them all.
Congrtas to your Jason - that's fantastic. Well done!
Have you hearof OMG, I am obssessed! Whenever I think I have enogh ideas I seem to discover more and they have a DIY section too. If you have time check it out. In the meantime - remember to breathe and relax. Easier said then done. :) Xx

Anonymous said...

Omg! You make me want to plan my wedding... and you're giving me a lot of ideas! Only problem is, there is no wedding, no ring, no man! Haha!

I really like the mail box and wish tree! That's so different than the usual guestbook. And the colors for your bridesmaids dresses sound fabulous!!!!


E said...

You've picked out so many great details! I love that pucker up banner...they look like a really fun couple :)

Sam | ashore said...

i love the blue butterflies!

Anonymous said...

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