Wednesday, 11 July 2007

2 Years

* This post has many pictures in it - So enjoy the photos =)*

I had my 2 year anniversary with Jason on Monday (9/07/07). It was wonderful and the past 2 years have been great. We went up to Montville which is in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We also went to Maleny which is only 10-15 mins away from Montville.

This was at a lookout just before we got into the main town. It is so beautiful looking at the mountains and trees. And we could even see the water as it is not that far away from the coast. It was also freezing! This photo was taken with a flash hence the abnormal light.

This was taken outside of this little store. The place is filled with little gift shops and it has a real country town feel. It's a very quaint place.

Just thought this was cute. It was outside this pretty Shabby Chic shop. But Jason always comes with me into stores and I'm really happy that he does.

I thought those two pictures showed some of the pretty things in store. I wasn't sure if I could take photos inside so I just took them outside.

This store was filled with country style homewares and items. It really is a sweet little place.

Thought I would add in a photo of the beautiful landscape. It's so lovely when your up there on the mountain. I truly loved it. It would be even nicer to visit in the summertime.

This was taken on a wooden swing outside a wood shop. It was a bit windy and I couldn't be bothered to fix my hair all the time as it was always getting in the way.

We ate at a place called the Poets Cafe. I had a gourmet beef burger and Jason had a gourmet chicken burger. We both had hot drinks as it was still really cold no matter how much we walked. We took a lot of photos but this post already has heaps. So I will move onto things we got.

I was only able to get Jason a book he wanted, a hand sewn teddy bear and a handmade card. Here's a pic of the bear.

Meet Pippo. He's handsewn and looks different from the original. I got the template from this blog. Hers is so cute! And she has a template for it. But since I can't really use the sewing machine yet I just handsewed it. And I stencilled the little Autobot shirt for him (as Jason loves Transformers).

These are the things Jason got me in Montville. The wood store where all the items are wood and handmade was lovely. There are vintage postcards, a few other cards, a Montville postcard and a giant pencil that works. I love pencils so he thought it was definately something I like. The vintage postcards are just old vintage ads reprinted. They had so many different kinds but I just chose those ones.

This is what he bought me yesterday we went into the city. The Marie Antoinette book I wanted to read and the Christina Re idea book with CD-ROM. We got it from Borders. I love that store. We went in as he had a job interview. I'll post better pics in another post as this one has so many.

And here is a photo of what Jason gave me for the 2 years anniversary. I have other photos I want to post so I will do it another time.

I do hope it was enjoyable to see many photos. And Jason has gone down to Bathurst with his brother to visit their dad. So he's gone for two weeks =( But I am watching Harry Potter with his mum, his brother's girlfriend and his mum's friend tonight. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! Looks like you had a great time! love the husband parking!!!

Artifax said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. What adorable little stores filled with such gorgeous eye candy!!! And I thought the husband parking was funny too :)

Mummerina said...

Happy Anniversary!

You guys look very cute

Oh and be prepared for me to send you countless questions about Brisbane =)

Anonymous said...

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