Monday, 30 July 2007

Bits and Pieces

I got my hair done today. It was for a hairdresser friend of mine. She needed someone to test a new hair colour range and I said I would do it. And the best part was that it was free! Although, I wish I paid for a haircut as well as I need one desperately. As it was free there wasn't heaps of colour put in but it was enough.

Ok this is the front view. I can't help but smile in pictures. I look funny when I don't. There are two colours. This copper tone and a reddish colour. Both really nice. The foils were done under my hair which was different for me.

A side photo view of my hair. It's in need for a cut though so I will have to do that soonish. If you want to see the colour better just click on the picture. It should have a close up. I haven't coloured my hair in soo long. I reckon about 5 years!

List wise I haven't made a huge amount of progress. I have read another 2 books (#29), made a kind of plushie (#24, bought a journal (#31). I'm in progress as well with other things. In time I will do a list update on the sidebar. Here's a pic of the plushie. . It's for my brother. I got the bear pattern from this blog. It looks nothing like it's supposed to though =)

Also I finished the Harry Potter book. Well I finished last week sometime. I loved it! But of course I won't say anything about it here =) as I know people don't want to find out things by accident through a blog.

Here is the journal I bought today. It's a Pink Ribbon one. It's really sweet. It has blank pages which is what I prefer. Plus part of the sale goes toward the Breast Cancer research.

This is the just a picture of the pages. I love it that it's blank. And pretty pink paper too. Added bonus!

And here are a few things I have made. It's some jewellery. These are chandelier style earrings. I love Swarovski crystals. They shimmer so prettily in the light.

These ones I used with bits and pieces in my little jewellery stash. I don't really wear dangly earrings but I like to make them.

This is another one of my charm necklaces. I love charms and I do want more but cash strapped right now. I want all different kinds. And If you look closely you can see my reflection in the heart lol.

And a close up. Plus you can really see my reflection in this one. Eeep! This always happens with shiny things =)



Chanchan said...

Thanks. :) How much time does it take to make jewellery like this? They are so beautiful!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Gracie,
Love the hair colour and the length is nice as it is, well I think so, having shorter hair myself and not being patient enough to grow it long!
Loving your jewellery, especially the heart charm!
Natasha ; )

Anonymous said...


You look great. It's really a nice colour!

One more exam for me, and then I'll write you a letter and start blogging again. Got some news ;)


Artifax said...

Your hair is so pretty! I love the colors you had done! And you've been busy creating too - your heart charm necklace is great and the plushie is sooo cute!

I was able to work a bit on my list this weekend .... at this rate maybe I'll finish writing my list in 1001 days :)

MC* said...

Hi Gracie :) the hair colour is very beautiful!
I've read your list, and I think you are very brave for doing it. I wish you have the strenght to follow it :D
I must do mine as well, it's a great idea!
Love the plushie!

Unknown said...

Hey girly :)

You're hair looks fantastic, it really suits you. I didn't think it would be possible for you to look more beautiful than you already did hehe but somehow you managed it.

You're jewelry looks great as well ;) Love you heaps xoxo