Thursday, 5 July 2007


I'm so excited. I got my uni results today and I received two 5's and a 7! How it works here is that 7 is a high distinction and the highest mark. A 5 is a credit. So just over a pass which is a 4. I did not expect these grades. And I'm so happy that I was able to get them.

Anyway, I have been watching a lot of dvds and movies. I'm really becoming a film buff. I have watched movies that I normally wouldn't have watched before but I am trying as I think I might see them in a different light. I might come to appreciate certain movies more. So there are a couple of movies I'm going to watch again to look at them in a different perspective.

Also thanks for the comments on the inspiration board. I will be adding things as time goes on and making it look fabulous!

Here are a few of my other mini notecards I have been making.
This is a baby shoe collection. Although it doesn't have to be used just for babies.

These are more butterflies. But I didn't make the butterflies on the card. They are so sweet little things that look like they're made from a stocking. If you understand what I mean? =)Sorry my photo taking isn't very good with these.

Ok this picture is easier to see. The butterflies are bigger but they are the same type as the ones in the cards before it. I haven't really got any names for the sets yet.

I hope the detail can be seen in this one. They are little masks for a masquerade. I got the idea from making a collage for friends for Christmas last year. I have been to 3 masquerade parties this past year.

I would love to have a little Etsy shop. I think it would be sweet. But I'm a little scared to step out and do it although I keep on saying I will. I think I am definitely going to look into it.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your good uni results. And thanks for the explanation how it works.
Here the best is a 1.0. Then it goes up in 0.3 or 0.4 steps (1.3, 1.7, 2.0 etc.) to 4.0 which is the minimum you need to pass.

Have you seen the new Die Hard movie? That's the next one I'll go to see.