Wednesday, 30 January 2013

3 year Anniversary getaway

Hello lovely people. What an intense past few days we've had. We went away to the Gold Coast for a few nights for our 3 year wedding anniversary. We stayed at the QT Hotel (amazing!). It was overcast and a little rainy but it was on the Saturday when it really started to bucket down. We missed the main storming of the Gold Coast but we can home to storming at our own place. We lost power for nearly two nights and a day and apparently we have a water shortage for a few more days so we have to go back to doing the water restrictions we had when we were in a drought. 

We are blessed that the floods didn't hit Brisbane like it did in 2011 but my heart goes out to the towns like Bundaberg that got hammered. They have had a horrific time. 

1. This was on the afternoon we arrived. It wasn't too bad yet weather wise
2. You can make lemonade in your room. They have the ingredients in the lobby and it tasked amazing.
3. This is what we woke up too on our actual anniversary
4. Me on our anniversary. We went shopping, had lunch and went out for dinner at night at the hotel restaurant called Bazaar, one of the best dinners I ever had!
5. Jason reading on his iPad. We did lots of reading because of the weather
6. The awesome pencils, paper and postcards in the room
7. The bed and part of the room. The design was amazing! In fact the whole hotel was so aesthetically pleasing
8. This was the day after our anniversary. Still very overcast
9. With my beach outfit. I love this playsuit it's so comfy. We decided to try the beach out anyway. It was still good even with no sun. It was warm and I relaxed on the sand.
10. The wind blowing my little deer dress. I love this dress too. 

This is a beach selfie I took on Instagram (come say hello @graciebellabutterfly) which Micaela said the funniest comment about me being at a nudie beach because you can't see my swimmers. So this is for you Micaela :) 

This is the second year our anniversary got rained out but I guess that's what we get for getting married at this time of the year (our honeymoon was also rained out). Next time we said we will just have dinner on our anniversary and go away a few weeks later instead. 

And it's my birthday on Friday 1st Feb so I will be taking a flex day off work and having a me day :) Have a good rest of week. 


thegirlhassparke said...

I do remember your anniversary last year getting rained out! I am so glad the floods weren't as bad but no power isn't much fun.
Your hotel looks absolutely gorgeous, I was very jealous of your instagram photos.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday in advance Gracie! I love your beach outfit! Do you go in the water with it or are you waiting a bikini under it?

k said...

i could so use a beach getaway!

Megan said...

What a beautiful vacation!! I love that hotel room and your deer dress is so adorable!! xo


That looks like a fantastic holiday! Your outfits are adorable. Happy anniversary, and happy birthday in advance :)

Karina Pacheco said...

Yay, for wonderful anniversary getaways!!

So beautiful! So happy you had fun and it's so beautiful there!!

You are such a cutie!!

Miss you so much, we have a skype date due :)

I received the sweetest goodies from you last week!! :)

Thank you, thank you! They will be a part of my half marathon training! :)

Love you!!


Micaela said...

Haha you nudie girl ;) so funny, it made me giggle on Instagram :) it's a lovely photo of you! As is the one in your romper. I know I've said it to you before, but you really do have the best figure for your cute fashion taste (I die over that deer dress!).

HAPPY 3 YEARS!!! I can't even believe it's been that long since I remember when you weren't even married yet :) (I'm so fortunate to have known you this long)

I hope you kept those drink stirrers! I love the details of the hotel, like the lemonade bar.

I am sorry the weather was bad but bless you for thinking of others. I pray for those affected by the floods.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I actually picked something up for you today and will mail it out tomorrow (it counts it's being mailed out ON your birthday right?). Sorry it'll be late but i truly believe in stretching out birthday celebrations ;)


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Despite the terrible weather, it looks like you two had a lovely time. What a fabulous hotel, with so many amazing little details.

I hope you get your birthday card in time. I'll be sending a belated birthday parcel soon, I promise! It's been a busy, stressful, difficult month and I'm so sorry I wasn't more organized.

Lots of love and hugs to you, my friend.
E xoxo

littletiara said...

Anniversary getaway~!! So fun! Too bad it was raining but thank goodness it wasn't as bad, power outage is pretty bad though, and no water >___<

anyway it looks like you two were having a nice time there (of couuurseee it's a beeacchhhh~)

and I love that dress, and your hairbun in the instagram pic, haha.. that's cute and yeah I'm random like that ;p

and oh HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!! Have a blastttt~!! yayy~ I wish you aaaaalll the best thing in the world for you <3

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Wow, what a view! And the inside of your room is amazing! Despite the crazy weather, I hope you had an amazing weekend.

x Jasmine